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The Quote That Defines My Life

Let's just pretend for a quick second it's still May 4th, ok? I really wanted to get this post out on Saturday, but it just didn't happen.  A silly thing called life got in the way! Luckily, Jenni said there are no rules for this challenge, so I can play catch up!

The prompt from Saturday was your favorite quote and why.  I know I shared a lot of quotes that have been keeping me going last week, but I didn't include my favorite one.
It's not my favorite because it makes me smile or sounds pretty and inspiring.  I didn't even really give it a second thought the first time I heard it.

But since then?  Whenever something not so good happens, or I'm worried about what might happen, this quote pops into my head and gives me motivation.  No matter what has happened, this quote applies, and gives me the push to keep going.

There's no arguing with that.



  1. Love it! :) SO perfect! PS- I'm so jealous that Erin got the chance to meet you in REAL life! We might be coming to FL this summer, if so... we HAVE TO meet up!


  2. Love this quote! No arguing with it at all!

  3. This is a perfect quote!! One of my new favorites. Thanks for sharing.

  4. How have I never heard this quote before? It's absolutely the most perfect thing I've ever heard. Ever.

  5. Dear Robin, You are wise beyond your years ;) You are one tough lil' cookie.... just keep swimmmmming, just keep swimmming! It's your bday month!!!


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