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Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

I'm only 3 days late to this shindig, but I'm so excited to start the Blog Every Day in May challenge!
I think it will be the perfect way to get me back to "me," and help me come up with post ideas during this crazy month!

Today's topic is awesome.  Things that make me uncomfortable.

-People grunting at the gym.  If you're lifting massive weights over your head, I can get over it.  But if you're just going on the elliptical next to me?  Pull yourself together.

-Talking to people on the phone.  I'm just not a fan.  I don't mind calling really quickly, but I'm not one to call someone to catch up or talk about life.  Skype me 24/7.  But don't put me on the phone!

-People watching me when I'm walking.  I have to walk by a huge window on my way from the parking lot at work to where I punch in.  I automatically worry I'm going to trip and everyone will see.  I also trip a lot, so that could be why.

-Driving behind/next to/in front of someone I know casually.  Do you wave? Do you pretend not to see them? Is that more awkward?  Can you tell I'm an awkward person?

-Talking in front of a lot of people

-When people discuss politics in a casual setting.  You bet I'll keep quite, but not because I don't know anything.  My mama raised me right.  You never talk religion or politics at the table (or party, or happy hour, etc)!

-When someone I'm talking to has something in their teeth/on their face.  I know I should say something, but it makes me feel so awkward!

-The thought of starting over. Again.

-Sitting in the intersection before turning left.

-When the bridal attendant asks if I want to get my bridesmaid dress in a small size and get it taken out at my hips, or a larger size and taken in around my boobs.  Thank you for pointing out my main body flaws in one sentence.

-When I tell a fun story and the first response from one person is always "well when your dad is a doctor...."  Um, no.  My dad actually does not pay for Dom and I to go away for weekend trips.  Crazy, I know.

-When people ask me if I'm old enough to drive.

What makes you uncomfortable?


  1. I love how we share a birthday!!! I've never met another person who had my birthday ever!

    I love this topic-and I hate, hate, hate HATE talking on the phone too.

  2. Oh my gosh the attendant at the bridal store asked me the EXACT SAME thing. Way to make a gal feel good about her self!

    Things that Make Me Uncomfortable

  3. These are too funny. OMG, that bridal attendant needs to get kicked.

  4. That bridal attendant was very rude!

    I also don't bring up religion and politics in public. I am a cashier right now, and I encounter people who jump at the chance to share their views with store employees or other customers. Haha.

  5. I totally agree with casually driving near someone you know. What if you hit a stop light?? Are you expected to wave or carry on between- car conversation?!

  6. This post alone could explain why we are friends :) There is a guy who grunts while doing the elliptical at our work gym and I'm always like PLEASE STOP!! My gosh, it's weird!

    Skype ME 24/7.. duh!

    I don't trip a lot, but I DO seem to "break" a toe like once a week. I am always kicking things/running into things... ouch!

    Public Speaking- yuck! No politics at the party- amen!

    And seriously- I had a bridal attendant straight up TELL ME to order a size up "Because of the size of your hips" I about died... stupid

    PS- longest comment ever. LOVE YOU!

  7. The gym grunting, OMG. Just yesterday I was running on a treadmill and the man beside me kept letting out these loud bursts/grunts... I finally had to move.. How freaking weird is that???

  8. Oh gosh I don't like the grunting either! And when people watch me walk, talking on the phone, talking in front of people! There is quite a lot now that I think about it haha.

  9. I love this! I relate to so many of those! My dad is not a doctor, but he is CEO/CFO of a publicly traded company and I often hear comments about him supporting me. Think again people! And the walking and fear of tripping - ME ME ME! I constantly do that. And same about seeing people while driving. I tend to ignore them, and focus on applying lip gloss, checking my face in the mirror, or adjusting my radio!

  10. I just love this post, it's so hilarious!

  11. There is a man at my gym who is the WORST. He is either talking loudly to himelf, reading the newspaper and commenting (to himself) about the articles, and once I saw him eating a sandwich while riding the stationary bike. I almost threw up.

    Similiar to the window awkwardness, I never liked during sorority rush having to walk out of the house to greet a group of 40 girls standing on the sidewalk staring at you! The pathway to our house was sort of cobblestone and very easy for heels to get caught in. Too nervewracking!

  12. OH MAN driving beside someone you know is the woooooooorst! i hate it, and people make fun of me for it. haha.

  13. Oh god, phones. And definitely people pointing out flaws like that person, it's really awkward. Also, people who are loud in dorm rooms, especially the ones that live on your floor/in your suite - it's so awkward to have to tell them to shut up because you need to get work done or sleep. Especially since you have to call the RA on them if they won't stop and you really need to be doing stuff, it's so uncomfortable because they'll get angry at you. But I think the thing that's most uncomfortable is seeing someone who's decided you're not important in their lives who you still care about, and they're trying to pretend that they didn't intentionally disappear on you. That's just...what do you even do. But I don't ever necessarily know what to do with/about people, ever, so.

    Have fun with this challenge!

  14. No politics/religion at a party! THANK YOU. People at work don't seem to get this one :/

  15. Ah, I hate talking on the phone!!!


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