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"Whatever it is...I want it in my belly button. {Birthday Weekend!}

I don't think there's any other way to describe my weekend then by saying I got completely, 100% spoiled!  My family and friends all went full out, and this past weekend was absolutely the best birthday weekend I could ask for.

We started celebrating on Thursday, when I met Dom after work for a wine and cheese tasting in Palm Beach!
We got to rub elbows with the rich and richer, and had some incredible wines and cheeses.  I've said it before, but one of my favorite things to do in Palm Beach is people watch, and this tasting did not disappoint.  I love seeing everyone so dressed up and looking like they just stepped off their yacht. :)  Dom found a new favorite wine, and so did I!  I fell in love with some snazzy moscato, and since it's my birthday we might have bought a massive bottle to take home with us...

I was trying to be good and wait until my actualy birthday to open any gifts, but Erin convinced me to open hers, and it was just too amazing! Cocktails, disney princesses and Lilly.  She could not know me any better! :)
 Friday was my actual birthday, so of course I woke up in a great mood.  That only got better when Dom convinced me to open a present before work...and that present turned out to be an ipad from my parents and a Lilly case from his parents!  Didn't I tell you I was spoiled?!

 When I went into work it just got better.  My cubicle was completely decked out with streamers, balloons, glitter, confetti, and cards and gifts from my coworkers. It was so sweet! I literally had trouble working because there was no room on my desk for papers! Not that I minded, of course.  I wish I had a picture, but my work has a very strict no phones on the premises rule, and I wasn't trying to get fired on my birthday!

After work on Friday we went to a Brazilian restaurant we've been meaning to try since we moved down.  (Sorry for the bad picture quality!)

 At your table you have a little peg thing that is red on one side and green on the other.  When you have the green side up, waiters come over with huge selections of gourmet meats and they slice you portions right at your table!  We did the surf and turf, and had bacon wrapped filet minion, spicy sausages, pineapple, amazing salmon and some of the best shrimp I've ever had!  We ate so much we actually thought we might get sick.  It was that delicious!  Even when we flipped our pegs to red to signal to the waiters we were taking a break, they'd walk by with something yummy and we'd just have to sample it.  After dinner we had some friends over for a cocktail or five.  I'm bouncing back a little better this time than the last, thankfully!  24 and I still got it. ;)

Saturday started the line-up of Dom surprises!  As you know, I'm gluten-free, so instead of buying me a gluten-free cake that would probably taste like cardboard Dom make me a gluten-free BRIE cheesecake with a macadamia nut and brown sugar crust! It. Is. Incredible.  Then he made a blue and blackberry syrup for it...just in case my mind wasn't blown enough.  The bar for my future cakes is set high now!
 Then came Sunday.  Oh, Sunday.
I had a suspicion something was happening in the morning when Dom suggested I wear a Lilly dress to church.  At first I was a little offended he didn't like the outfit I picked out, but he just said I'm always wishing I had a reason to wear Lilly and it was a gorgeous day so why not?  I changed and off we went!

After church, we stopped to get Dom's car washed.  After he paid and we got back in the car he said we had to go back to the church because he thought his credit card fell out of his wallet when he took cash out at the offering.  So back to Palm Beach we went!  Almost every time we drive through Palm Beach I beg Dom to let us just drive by The Breakers to say hi, so I didn't think anything of it when he turned in.
 Then, the gate guy poked his head out to direct us, and when Dom usually just says we're doing a drive by, he goes, "Hi, we have a brunch reservation at 11:30!"

"WHAT?!?!" I literally yelled so loud the guy started laughing.  I think he gets that reaction a lot! I was literally so surprised! I had no idea!
We had some time to kill before the brunch began, so we had time to explore the grounds, and find my store!

If you're unfamiliar, The Breakers has a famous Sunday Brunch that includes literally everything your heart can imagine.  It has all the normal brunch foods (the gourmet versions) as well as all kinds of lobster, king crab, caviar, sushi (the best sushi Dom has ever had), and a dessert "table" that's bigger than my living room.  It's all unlimited. Dom had 4 plates full and I had 3.  We had to sample as many desserts as we could, and Dom had one so amazing he said...
"I don't know what this is, but when I'm in my casket I want it in my belly button."  If that's not a compliment I'm not sure what is!
It's served in their Circular dining room that is all windows looking out to the ocean.  Oh, and they have bottomless mimosas/bloody mary's.  I've known about this brunch forever, but never thought I would get to go!  I'm still in shock.  It was the best birthday surprise ever!  The food was incredible, as is to be expected at The Breakers! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the harpist started playing the Phantom of the Opera. Heaven. :)

I am so thankful for everyone who made my birthday so special! If this is any indication, I think 24 is going to be an amazing year!


  1. OMG what a fabulous birthday weekend!! He's such a sweet guy for surprising you!! Ahh I envy your life so many times and this was one of them lol

    Now onto bigger and more important things... will I be seeing you in 2 weeks or not?!!!!

  2. Wowowow girl that entire weekend looks amazing!! I love surprises so I think your Dom did an amazing job at making your birthday a memorable one :-)

  3. WOW! What an amazing weekend! He def gets a ton of brownie points!

  4. Wow! You had an amazing birthday! Way to go Dom!!

  5. that weekend is TO DIE FOR. seriously, so jealous but happy that you had an amazing time :)

  6. Ohhh my goodness! Best birthday EVER girl!! I'm so happy you got spoiled silly and got to have SO MUCH FUN!!

  7. What a birthday weekend!!!! Here's to 24 being just as amazing :)

  8. Happy Birthday! That food looks AMAZING!!!

  9. I think I need to move to Palm Beach for my next birthday!!

  10. Happy Belated birthday! You share a bday with my hubby :) Sounds like you had an amazing weekend, capped off with an awesome surprise - Dom really is a catch! Brunch is my fav, I'm so jealous!!! Love the Lily case for your ipad, btw...

  11. What an awesome weekend! That brunch looks like the greatest thing ever.

  12. Happy Birthday! How fun that you were spoiled & got to do such fun things!! =) Dom's a keeper for sure!

  13. Your birthday was FABULOUS!
    Mine was ok. I had sushi for dinner-my fav-and lots of wine. Now, I've been alcohol free for 2 weeks and sushi isn't exactly filling...So, Saturday I just wanted to die. Ugh.
    33 is not the new 24, that's for sure!
    So glad you had such a good time!

  14. This really does look like the best birthday ever! What a perfect weekend!!

  15. People-watching can be fun. We do that too. Try it at a Wal-Mart late one certainly gets interesting...

  16. You definitely had a great birthday weekend! I'm happy you enjoyed it so much! And all of the food sounds absolutely delicious

    - Carrie

  17. You literally had the perfect birthday weekend! Dom is keeper for sure, but I know you know that! lol

    What is The Breakers?
    Glad your weekend was so fabulous! 24 will be great for you!

  18. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Pretty cool that you got to have such awesome food. Also, I don't think I'm going to stop giggling any time soon about that "I want it in my belly button"'s truly an amazing thing to say! xD


  19. That sounds like an absolutely perfect birthday weekend! Happy late birthday!

  20. It sounds like you had an amazing birthday! I might have to check out The Breakers brunch for my next birthday. Do you mind if I ask which church you attend in Palm Beach? I was married at The Royal Poinciana Chapel on a beautiful December day. :)

  21. This seems like such a fabulous birthday weekend!!! What a wonderful place for brunch, I am so jealous!!

    -- Mary

  22. Wow, that sounds amazing! I want to go try that brunch. Also, I love your dress (that you wore to church/brunch) - is that last picture a chocolate cup filled with chocolatey goodness? So cute!


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