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Why I Started Blogging

Hooah and Hiccups

I wish I had some awesome story about why I started blogging, but I bet it's the same as most stories!  I discovered blogs at the very end of my senior year in college.  The first blog I found was Summer Wind, which is a fashion/beauty blog that is full of everything preppy and girly and amazing.  From her blog, I found other blogs of the same type that I really enjoyed reading, but weren't anything I had any knowledge of, so I knew I could never have one myself!  Then, as I was browsing Summer Wind, I saw a comment from Petchie from Petchie's Blogbook.  I remember noticing her fantastic hair right away and, being the frizzball that I am, I clicked over to her blog to see if I could find any hair tips. haha. :) That was my introduction to lifestyle blogs!

Immediately, I feel in love with her love story, and started reading old posts.  I loved the ideas and inspiration I found by getting a glimpse into someone else's life.  From her blog, I found Jenni at The Story of My Life (as if you didn't know...).  Then, it was over.  I started at the beginning of her blog and never looked back.  Everytime I had a free 10 minutes, I read one of her posts and felt like I was curling up with a big mug of hot chocolate and slipping into someone else's life. 

Slowly, but surely, I starting realizing just how huge the blogging world is! I found wedding blogs like Wifestyles, and everything amazing and girly blogs like Pink Lou Lou. I just could not get enough!  I knew I wanted a blog, but I had no babies, husband, or talent, so I figured there was no point!  At this point in my life, I was working full time and taking classes at night, so I figured my posts would be so boring (and they probably were).  But, I knew I would be moving to Florida in a few months, and figured a blog would be the perfect way to document all the adventures we would have, and keep our friends and family in the loop!

 So, on March 14, I made my little blog.  I followed a few of my favorites and started figuring out this whole crazy thing.  It took me forever to figure out how to get a good design.  It took me even longer to get a button, and I don't think I figured out how to do a link up for months!  But, it was perfect for "getting my feet wet."  By the time we moved to Florida, I actually knew what I was doing.  My reasons for why I started this blog are still the same, but blogging has turned into something so much more for me!  The women, inspiration, knowledge and encouragement I have received since I started this little space is so overwhelming.  I couldn't be happier I got the nerve to do it!



  1. Same here..beautiful how life takes directions!

  2. Couldn't be happier you started a blog!!! :) I found a bunch of wedding blogs first while we were planning our wedding, but it wasn't until after we got married that I saw how BIG the bloggy world was too!

  3. Definitely have the same blogging story! I'm so glad you started one too!

  4. I thought the same thing! No baby, no husband, who cares? Glad we both went ahead with it any ways :)

  5. "I had no babies, husband, or talent, so I figured there was no point" This was my EXACT initial reaction when I started my little ole blog!

  6. Yeah, I pretty much found Pink Lou Lou, The Bargain Blonde, and the Girl in the Red Shoes. I was hooked!

  7. Hahahaha when I got engaged, one of my first thoughts was legitimately "I'll be cool in the blog world now!!!!" so I feel you.

  8. I remember "meeting" you in the very beginning... I was like oh my gosh, we would totally be friends in real life! I love reading your adventures and of course I live vicariously through you :) And next time you're back in Syracuse, we are getting together!

  9. haha I am still learning how to be a blogger! haha!


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