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A Life Update and a Review!

One good thing about living in Hunker is that it is only a 40 minute drive (without traffic) into downtown Pittsburgh!  While Hunker has nothing, Pittsburgh has everything.  We've been in a few times with our parents and just love it.  A city on the water? Yes, please!  More details about our Pittsburgh shenanigans to come.

Meanwhile, Dom started medical school! It's crazy busy, but so exciting that it's actually happening.  Plus he made a friend! One whole friend.  It's the little things. :)

Before I get into our life in Hunker (hunker burnin' loveee!) I want to tell you a little but about this beauty I received.
(thank you blogger for not letting me make this picture bigger!)

If you've been in blogland for more than a day, then you have heard of the Hana hair dryers and flat irons.  They are sold on the Misikko site, which features salon grade hair dryers and ceramic flat irons. Well, considering I was sent this to review right when I took my blogging hiatus, I have had a month to use it and can say honestly that I love it.  I tried it out right after I received it (along with the amazing goodies they send along with it!) and haven't turned back to my Chi since.  It makes my hair straight (duh), silky and shiny...even in the Florida heat!

I would absolutely recommend this flat iron to anyone looking for a high quality flat iron that can withstand heat and humidity!

Have you tried any Hana products that you just love?


Hunker, PA: Population 329. AKA My New Home.

I wish any part of that title was a joke, but sadly, it's all true!
On Wednesday at 8:30 am Dom and I packed up our cars and left my beautiful South Florida and started to 17 hour drive to Hunker, Pennsylvania.
Originally we were going to drive for 8 hours, spend the night in Columbia, SC and then do the second half the next day, but we decided to just drive for as long as possible, and see how far we got!
Day 1, we made it 16 hours! Let me tell you, my butt will never be the same.  It fell asleep somewhere in Georgia and never fully came back.

We wanted to stop and spend the night soon after we got to West Virginia, about 3 hours from Hunker.  We pulled up to a Howard Johnson and Dom got out to see if they had a room.
They did not.  Neither, she informed us, would any other hotel from there to Morgantown (2 hours further) because 30 THOUSAND boy scouts were in town for the Boy Scout Jamboree.  Spending the night surrounded by 30,000 prepubescent boys sounded like the last thing I would ever be interested in after driving 14 hours, so we kept going to Morgantown, West Virginia!  We finally arrived around 1am.
 {Yes, I wore that shirt on purpose ;)}

Upon waking up Thursday morning, we very quickly noticed that we were no longer in West Palm Beach.  The scenery in Morgantown is beautiful, but the people, town, and views could not be more different!  That's where it started to hit us that our life was about to change...drastically.  

An hour later we made it to Hunker!  Immediately when we got off the exit Dom texted me 3 little letters.
Seriously, guys.  Our town is a truck stop.  That's putting it nicely.  It's green and beautiful, but our neighbors are cows and a run down gas station is the only thing within 15 miles.  Not even a place to get coffee!  There is a little ice cream stand though. :) Oh, and 6 churches right in a row.
Since the town was so barren, I decided to google Hunker, PA and see what it was all about.  The first thing that caught my eye made me burst into instant tears from laughter and sorrow.  The population of Hunker, PA is 329.  Not 329 thousand, just 329.  Dom and I make it 331. :)
What is my life.

At this point, we were very nervous to see the townhouse we chose, site unseen.  
Thank goodness, it is perfect.
The street looks like it's out of a storybook, and our townhouse is so bright and adorable.
We may or may not have taken a little rest on the floor...since we had no chairs!

A few hours later Dom's parents arrived with both his and my furniture from past apartments and we got to work making our house a home! They were so generous helping us get set up, we could not be more grateful! Party Nana bought us a gorgeous couch too. We are spoiled rotten.

Once everything has its place and is all decorated, I'll give a full tour!
Meanwhile, this guy has his first day of medical school today, and I am going to go hang out with the cows. Or the gas station attendant.  

Take me back to Florida?


3 Years!

3 years ago today, Dom asked me to be his girlfriend.
Actually, 3 years ago he asked me if I was ready to "consider myself unavailable to other guys."  Thus began 4 months of me knowing we were exclusively dating, but not sure if we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend, or just exclusively dating.  Are those the same thing?  Not sure.  Nevertheless, I referred to him as my "boyperson" when I talked about him, he introduced me as "his girl" to others, giving me no info one way or the other, until finally in October he told me he loved me and we made it Facebook official.  Apparently all this time he was not so pleased my status was "single." Geez, dating in the social world is hard.  Since then our communication has drastically improved. :)

The past 3 years have been filled with happiness, trips, long distance struggles, a move from NY to Florida, and soon another move to PA! Oh heyyyy Erin! I'm coming to you!
I can't think of a single other person I would want to have spent the past 3 years with, and I can't wait for many more years to come!

I love you, Dom. To the moon and back!


Last Few Florida Days!

It is so scary to think that Dom and I have less than 2 weeks left in Florida, so this past weekend we really tried to have the best time and squeeze every bit of sunshine out of every minute we could.  For the Fourth, two of Dom's fraternity brothers who live in Ft Lauderdale and Miami came up (with a puppy!) for some golf, grilling, and fireworks!
I stuck to the sparklers and let the men handle the big ones.  I've decided it's my lot in life to be surrounded my men at all times, and you know what? I don't hate it.  I can't remember the last time I had to open a jar. ;)  Anyways, the fireworks were a little anti-clamactic, but they were fun to set off! Of course, by "setting off" I mean waiting for the guys to count down and running away as quickly as I could. 

Friday was a bit painful, as this little lady decided that doing shots of Jack Daniels was a good idea on a school night.  Poor life let's just skip to the weekend!

Saturday, we packed the beach bag and assumed our usual beach bum positions.
We baked, we bronzed, we snoozed.  Life was good. :)
That night I did my favorite summer pastime, sipping on a crisp refreshing cocktail, while Dom did his favorite summer pastime, grilling a delicious (and healthy) dinner!
We may or may not have been in bed by 10:30...and it was awesome!
It's a good thing we got so much rest, because Sunday we decided (okay, so Dom decided and I finally agreed) to go paddle boarding!
 Wowza. That was a workout.
We started by going against the current, through the channel where all the boats/yachts were passing by, and I may or may not have cried that I was about to die. 
After what felt like ages we made it to Peanut Island, were tons and tons of boats, jet skis, and paddle boarders dock on the sandbar and partayyy.
We didn't bring out phones so they wouldn't get soaked, but this is what it looks like.  Yesterday was only a little calmer than when this picture was taken!

Definitely worth the ride out there!
After getting more sun than two people ever should, we hopped back on our boards and rode back!
This time, we just stood up and let the waves bring us in.  I liked that direction much better.

We finished off the day with sushi, a walk around our neighborhood, and a little Anthony Bourdain.  I could not have asked for a better almost last weekend in Florida!  


A Boutique You Need To Know About! {Giveaway}

I am so excited about the boutique I get to share with you today!  I know everyone says that about every boutique/product/giveaway, but I really mean it because this is a boutique that I've been shopping at for a long time!

Shop the Summer Lookbook here!

A Cut Above is an adorable boutique in Florida, and their dresses are to die for.  I might have 5 hanging in my closet right now!

This is my favorite, it's perfect for any occasion in South Florida!  Brittany from A Cut Above is generous enough to offer one of YOU a $35 gift card and an All Tied Up Necklace!  
Now, one of you lucky ladies can grab yourself an adorable summer dress and pose with a golf club in gale force winds to appease your boyfriend/photographer. ;)

 Or you could just sit and look cute while sipping a cocktail.  Whichever you prefer!

Happy Friday!
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I Can't Believe!

I can't believe... how long it has been since I did an "I Can't Believe" post! Not sure if I will make it a link up again or not, still TBD, but it's a nice way to through out a quick post!  Plus, there are a whole lot of things I can't believe in my life right now!

I can't believe... this beautiful girl is getting married in 10 DAYS!  Ummm, last I checked we were having sleepovers talking about our high school crushes. How did this happen?!

I can't believe... we are moving to Pennsylvania in 20 days. 

I can't believe... I'm leaving South Florida in 20 days.  I know that's kind of a given based on the above comment, but I feel like they need to be kept separate or my mind will explode.

I can't believe... Dom is going to be a doctor! Okay, totally kidding, I absolutely can believe it because he's such a hard worker, but the fact that it's actually happening is amazing.

I can't believe... how much I'm enjoying my nutrition classes.  I actually look forward to studying, and now this is something I'm going to love diving into.  Leading a healthier lifestyle is so exciting and I know it's something Dom and I will love to share.

I can't believe... how much I want a puppy.  And a baby.  But I'm going to go with puppy for at least the next 5 years.


When I dip, you dip, we dip!

Happy Tuesday!  Is it just me or is it super awkward to figure out how to open a post?  I feel like if I dive right in it's like I'm writing an essay...and no one wants to read that! So for today, happy Tuesday will have to do.

A few weeks ago Dom and I finally used the voucher for salsa lessons that Dom got me for Christmas!  As fun and adorable as it was to receive salsa lessons from Dom, it was even more hilarious because the only time I have EVER seen him move his hips is when he wiggles uncontrollably in bed in the morning while singing "shake your bon bon shake your bon bon" over and over until I wake up.  And no, I'm not joking... it's a good thing he's cute!

Otherwise, any other dancing we did looked more like this...

With the occasional attempt to look like we knew what we were doing...

Not exactly Fred Astaire.  Well, we went anyways and had so much fun!  We learned the basic steps of the fox trot, tango, waltz, hustle, rhumba, and cha cha.  We didn't actually get to salsa that day, but that's okay because by the time we left Dom signed us up for the "Bronze Level" dance program which would give us 4 private and 6 group lessons. Holy dancing.  At first I thought he had lost his mind since our schedule was already jam packed, but then when we left he kept talking about our "fiery latin goddess" of a teacher, so I knew why he couldn't pass it up. ;)

Well I am proud to say we already passed the Bronze level with flying colors and of course Dom signed us up for the Social Dance level.  We are going to tear it up at Felicia's wedding on the 13th!  The cutest thing is seeing Dom's notes after each lesson that usually look like "step back, step right, 90 degree turn..." he's so serious and scientific!

My next goal? Get him liquored up enough to show you our tango.  Complete with a rose in his mouth ;)


Guess Who's Back...Back Again...with BIG NEWS!

Hellooooo, my pretties!
I know you're probably scratching your head trying to remember who I am.
Let me remind you...

I'm Robin, my hunky man is Dom, and I love the sunshine.
I used to blog in this little section of the interwebs until my life and house got craaaazy and I had to take a little break.
But, fear not, I am back in action!  I missed this whole blogging thing way too much to stay away for long. :)

I have about a million and 1 things to recap, but today I'm going to stick with the biggest news in my life right now.

DOM GOT INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL! :) YAY! There are really no words for how proud and excited I am for him.  This has been a lifelong dream, and a 2 year application process filled with lots of stress and discouragement.  I could not be happier for him!

We found out on Wednesday that he got into one school, and then the very next day he got into the one he really wanted.  How did we celebrate?

Champagne and Chipotle...of course!
What can I say, we celebrate on a budget. ;)

Now here's the clincher, Dom's med school? Not exactly in South Florida, or the South at all (I'm totally mentally fine)'s actually in Greensburg, PA, just outside of Pittsburgh! Which means Dom and I will be leaving the sunshine 23 days.

{Insert wide-eyed emoji face here.}
You see, Dom wasn't sure he would get in this cycle, so he accepted a spot to a graduate school program in Georgia which would feed right into their med school the following year.  So, we applied and got approved for an apartment there, Dom was looking at his classes and we were all set to become Georgia peaches.  Now we have 3 weeks until we head to PA and nowhere to live!  So far the apartment hunting process has been pretty miserable, since everything good is taken, but I know this is just all part of the experience. Anyone who knows us or has been reading for awhile knows Dom as a habit of turning everything into an adventure! 

It hasn't quite hit me yet how big of a life change this is for us, but I know it will be so exciting and as long as we have each other we will be able to "bloom wherever [we] are planted." :)

So now...where my PA bloggers at?!


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