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A Life Update and a Review!

One good thing about living in Hunker is that it is only a 40 minute drive (without traffic) into downtown Pittsburgh!  While Hunker has nothing, Pittsburgh has everything.  We've been in a few times with our parents and just love it.  A city on the water? Yes, please!  More details about our Pittsburgh shenanigans to come.

Meanwhile, Dom started medical school! It's crazy busy, but so exciting that it's actually happening.  Plus he made a friend! One whole friend.  It's the little things. :)

Before I get into our life in Hunker (hunker burnin' loveee!) I want to tell you a little but about this beauty I received.
(thank you blogger for not letting me make this picture bigger!)

If you've been in blogland for more than a day, then you have heard of the Hana hair dryers and flat irons.  They are sold on the Misikko site, which features salon grade hair dryers and ceramic flat irons. Well, considering I was sent this to review right when I took my blogging hiatus, I have had a month to use it and can say honestly that I love it.  I tried it out right after I received it (along with the amazing goodies they send along with it!) and haven't turned back to my Chi since.  It makes my hair straight (duh), silky and shiny...even in the Florida heat!

I would absolutely recommend this flat iron to anyone looking for a high quality flat iron that can withstand heat and humidity!

Have you tried any Hana products that you just love?


  1. Glad you guys are getting adjusted! And, love the hair! You're so pretty, stop it!! :)

  2. You know it pains me to think you're enjoying the city of Pittsburgh. I swear, if you even so much as clap once for the Steelers I'll unfollow your blog so fast ;)

    I mean.... YAY for Hana products! Your hair looks amazing, gettin long!

  3. Ok so I knew Dom got into medical school, but somehow I missed the part about you moving to PA!!! (I haven't been very faithful with blogging this month). Oh my goodness congrats on the new house! We just found out we have to move shortly too and I have no idea to where, so this made me feel better to see someone else do it on such short notice!!! (:

  4. I currently use a Chi - but have been dying to try this straightener! Looks like it does the trick!!! :)

    now off to try and find one!

  5. Oh dont listen to Erin shes cray cray ;) lol kidding

    glad you are enjoying Pittsburgh!

    I am super jealous of the flat iron...I am hoping I will get that email someday that I can review this OR the hairdryer!! I am in much need of a new one

  6. Your hair looks ahhhmazinggg! I need one of those straighteners! Glad you live close to something that has everything. Well, semi close at least.

  7. I received that iron and love it! Can we just talk about your hair though? Girl, it's gorgeous!

    Xo, Kelsey

  8. I want to try one SO badly! I've been hoping to get an email from them lol! I'm such a dork!

    The NC humidity has been SO SO bad this year! Like Florida bad! Looks like I might need to make the switch!

  9. YAY Pittsburgh is less than two hours from me in CLE... DATE DATE!!! And love your hair... so pretty!


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