Hunker, PA: Population 329. AKA My New Home.

I wish any part of that title was a joke, but sadly, it's all true!
On Wednesday at 8:30 am Dom and I packed up our cars and left my beautiful South Florida and started to 17 hour drive to Hunker, Pennsylvania.
Originally we were going to drive for 8 hours, spend the night in Columbia, SC and then do the second half the next day, but we decided to just drive for as long as possible, and see how far we got!
Day 1, we made it 16 hours! Let me tell you, my butt will never be the same.  It fell asleep somewhere in Georgia and never fully came back.

We wanted to stop and spend the night soon after we got to West Virginia, about 3 hours from Hunker.  We pulled up to a Howard Johnson and Dom got out to see if they had a room.
They did not.  Neither, she informed us, would any other hotel from there to Morgantown (2 hours further) because 30 THOUSAND boy scouts were in town for the Boy Scout Jamboree.  Spending the night surrounded by 30,000 prepubescent boys sounded like the last thing I would ever be interested in after driving 14 hours, so we kept going to Morgantown, West Virginia!  We finally arrived around 1am.
 {Yes, I wore that shirt on purpose ;)}

Upon waking up Thursday morning, we very quickly noticed that we were no longer in West Palm Beach.  The scenery in Morgantown is beautiful, but the people, town, and views could not be more different!  That's where it started to hit us that our life was about to change...drastically.  

An hour later we made it to Hunker!  Immediately when we got off the exit Dom texted me 3 little letters.
Seriously, guys.  Our town is a truck stop.  That's putting it nicely.  It's green and beautiful, but our neighbors are cows and a run down gas station is the only thing within 15 miles.  Not even a place to get coffee!  There is a little ice cream stand though. :) Oh, and 6 churches right in a row.
Since the town was so barren, I decided to google Hunker, PA and see what it was all about.  The first thing that caught my eye made me burst into instant tears from laughter and sorrow.  The population of Hunker, PA is 329.  Not 329 thousand, just 329.  Dom and I make it 331. :)
What is my life.

At this point, we were very nervous to see the townhouse we chose, site unseen.  
Thank goodness, it is perfect.
The street looks like it's out of a storybook, and our townhouse is so bright and adorable.
We may or may not have taken a little rest on the floor...since we had no chairs!

A few hours later Dom's parents arrived with both his and my furniture from past apartments and we got to work making our house a home! They were so generous helping us get set up, we could not be more grateful! Party Nana bought us a gorgeous couch too. We are spoiled rotten.

Once everything has its place and is all decorated, I'll give a full tour!
Meanwhile, this guy has his first day of medical school today, and I am going to go hang out with the cows. Or the gas station attendant.  

Take me back to Florida?


  1. Just think of it all as another new, exciting adventure! Plus, a way to see me more. Just saying ;)

  2. I agree w. Erin^^^ And if you ever need some company or just to get out of the country scene...give me a buzz, Breanna and I can meet up w. you!! We are usually around and we are only like 45min/hour away

    ps. I DMd you my # on Twitter

  3. What a culture shock! Just a good excuse to travel more? Good luck frolicking with the cows and gas station folk!

  4. I lived in a small town when I was in High School. It has it's ups and downs. TYpically everyone is friendly and will be nice and such, but it does get boring.

  5. Welcome to PA! the weather will certainly be an adjustment for you from Florida thats for sure! 15 miles to a gas station though, thats nuts! Sounds like your pretty out there, were I am in PA its not as rural.

  6. OMG is right. 329??? That is SMALL. I'm pretty sure I would go crazy. Do all 329 of them go to medical school? Hopefully the gas station attendant is friendly :)

  7. Think of it as adventure and stories you can tell!! Is his med school IN the town?

  8. Yes, now that you are like a million hours closer...I do believe driving 5+ hours to see Erin and I IS worth it ;)

    Love those brown couches! Caleb and I are totally in the market for some. The two LOVESEATS (yes, two of them) we have are not quite doing it for me anymore.

  9. Eeeek, I know how you feel about leaving the south. :(

  10. Living in a small town can def have its ups & downs! You tend to appreciate the small things more! The town home is beautiful! Love your tank too ;)

  11. Small town life is a big adjustment, I found that trying to appreciate the slower pace is much better than thinking of all the things I missed about where I use to live.

  12. Small town life is a big adjustment, I found that trying to appreciate the slower pace is much better than thinking of all the things I missed about where I use to live.

  13. OMG what a shock. Can't wait to read about how you're going to entertain yourself.

  14. PA can definitely be a culture shock, I think.... I've never lived anywhere else, and thank God I'm close to Philly. But I've driven around the state a bit, and I know exactly what you mean when you say your neighbors are cows... I promise it's not all hillbilly country!
    <3 Kiersten

  15. Don't worry, I know it might seem boring now but small towns can be really nice; more peace and quiet. Our town has about 2,100 people.

  16. Welcome back up north! I hope you still have exciting things to blog about!!!!

  17. wow party nana has great taste!! and driving for 16 ours? i would go insane...no wait my husband would go insane and i would kill him...hahaha we had to drive 7-8 hours to Sacramento, CA and he complained ....a lot!! hahah

  18. Wow. Just wow. I grew up in a small town in south Alabama, but not quiiite that small. I imagine it's quite a culture shock all the way up there. But hang in there, I know y'all can make it through. Did you bring a conch shell to hear the ocean?

  19. Oh my gosh. The last part made me giggle. You will adjust. It will be different, but soooooo worth it. I just know it. And at least you found a Target pretty close right?!

  20. Glad you made it safe! I'm in Miami this week. Just missed you!

  21. I went to WVU so Morgantown has a special place in my heart.. but you're right, VERY different from South Florida! Good luck making PA your home and thank God you and Dom have each other!

  22. Oh goodness girl what a change! Good luck on this new transition

  23. What an adventure! I'm glad your townhouse is adorable and I can't wait to see it set up. That couch is awesome! I say Kayla Erin and I take a road trip and meet at your house to help keep you company in your small town :)

  24. Welcome to Le Petit Village - PA style! :)

  25. What an exciting time in your lives! Good luck!

  26. I agree, another new adventure!!! The townhouse is beautiful :) Good luck in your new home!

  27. Holy cow!! 327!! Love how positive you are about this little adventure you two are on! I'm sure it is going to be such a great experience to look back on...and, the best part, you're in it together ;)



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