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I Can't Believe!

I can't believe... how long it has been since I did an "I Can't Believe" post! Not sure if I will make it a link up again or not, still TBD, but it's a nice way to through out a quick post!  Plus, there are a whole lot of things I can't believe in my life right now!

I can't believe... this beautiful girl is getting married in 10 DAYS!  Ummm, last I checked we were having sleepovers talking about our high school crushes. How did this happen?!

I can't believe... we are moving to Pennsylvania in 20 days. 

I can't believe... I'm leaving South Florida in 20 days.  I know that's kind of a given based on the above comment, but I feel like they need to be kept separate or my mind will explode.

I can't believe... Dom is going to be a doctor! Okay, totally kidding, I absolutely can believe it because he's such a hard worker, but the fact that it's actually happening is amazing.

I can't believe... how much I'm enjoying my nutrition classes.  I actually look forward to studying, and now this is something I'm going to love diving into.  Leading a healthier lifestyle is so exciting and I know it's something Dom and I will love to share.

I can't believe... how much I want a puppy.  And a baby.  But I'm going to go with puppy for at least the next 5 years.


  1. This is such a cool post!
    Good luck for the studies and the move

  2. haha- I'm so with you on really wanting a puppy and a baby...but puppy is definitely first on the list. Good luck with your move!!

  3. I want puppies and babies every day- but let's hold off a little longer on the latter, k?! :) I can't believe how soon you move either.... your life is crazy and exciting, but it's best that way!!

  4. Maybe you'll bring some of the nice sunshine with you when you move up north?! It's way too humid up here! I'm glad you are loving your studies!!

  5. I am all about babies and puppies too. Puppy I can do. Babies..well, I have to find a husband first!

  6. I have the WORST puppy/baby fever. I have quite a ways to go for both of them but it doesn't stop me from obsessing over the humane society website and trying to convince my married friends to have babies.

  7. hahaha i got rid of my baby fever because one of my best friends is getting married may 2014 and I can't be preggo for all her festivities hahaha


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