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Football Friday!

Happy Football Friday!  The whole just relocated don't have a job thing kind of makes Fridays seem like any other day, but Dom has a short day and we have the Med Student & Spouse Welcoming Picnic tonight, so it is a little exciting.  Just no one tell them I'm only a girlfriend, okay?

Today is even more exciting because my bloggie bestie (and real life, let's be real) Erin is hosting her Football Friday link-up!
Here's the rundown on me and football:

Contrary to the photo above, I am a born and raised NY Giants fan!  If any of you have been to a game at the Meadowlands, you know you're probably wearing 8 layers, a poncho, and tears.  So I had to pick a picture from a Dolphins game instead. :)

{He is NOT goofy looking.}   

I would go so far as to say my dad is the Giants' #1 fan.  Anything even remotely related to the Giants is in our house.  For Christmas Dom even got him a panini maker with the NY logo, so even my dad's sandwiches are Giants!  We are not fair weather fans either.  Even when my main squeeze Eli wasn't doing so well and people were chanting "Eli's adopted!" (SO RUDE) we stood by our man.  Little known fact is that he is actually my future husband.

Anywho, I've never followed college football at all.  Being from Syracuse, we don't exactly have the most amazing football team ever.  Before I went to college we did go to every single home football game and cheer though!  Like I said, not fair weather fans.  But, we always lost, so it was hard to get into it.  Then, I went of to college at GWU and didn't even have a football team! I was always intrigued by the exitement of college football, but didn't really have a way to get excited about it.

Oh wait, didn't I just start school again? BAM.  You guys are so smart. :)  If you missed it, I started the Nutrition & Dietetics program at the University of Alabama this summer!  Just in time for football season.  I might be a distance student, but you can bet on Saturdays I'll be decked out in red cheering for the Crimson Tide!

Hopefully after this post I haven't made any new enemies!  Who are your favorite teams??
Don't forget to link up!

Love, Fun & Fotball


  1. I love NFL but never watch college ball, I just can't get into it.

  2. AH I seriously can't wait for football season! I really hope my team (The eagles) gets it together though and doesn't share vick!


  3. Oh football. How I love thee :)

  4. I cannot wait for football!! And we need a catch up day missy!

  5. Love it!! Just keep cheering for your Giants despite being in that nasty Steelers country!! ;)

    I love that you dad has a NY panini maker. I've been wanting to the Bengals toaster for us! haha!! LOVE YOU!!!

  6. There's really nothing better than football season... You just got me so excited! :)

  7. Even though your closer to the Steelers, if you EVER choose to root for them...I'm not sure we can be friends.

    I kiiiddd. I'll always love you. You're adorable. Love that you'll be cheering from a distance!

  8. Glad to know I'm not the only Giants fan here!!!

  9. OH noooooo Alabama and the Giants?!? OHH NOOOOO :(

    Vol fan & Cowboy fan. We are like polar opposites!!

  10. oh that Erin up there trashing my boys...just wait til she comes to visit lol jk

    I am so excited for football season to start!!! We should try and get together some Sunday to watch a game & have some drinks!!!

  11. Ahhh, girl you are going to have SO much fun this fall cheering for 'Bama! The SEC is absolutely the best conference and it's so much fun to watch, especially now that you're a student! I'm totally calling it, you will get sucked right into the college football phenom... it's SO much fun and since I've started following over the last few years, it's absolutely stolen the place of the NFL in my heart!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  12. Welcome to the SEC, babyyy! Although, you should choose a brighter red & be saying GO DAWGS! ;-)
    I kid, I love that you support your schools team, and even though I'm a diehard Dawg, Bama is good.
    I also love that you are a fan in good times and bad. I'm the exact same way. You have to be loyal, all. the. time. :)
    And I agree with Erin, you will be sucked into college ball now, esp the SEC, it really is the best!

  13. I hope we can make it to a Dolphins game this year. Now that we are part time residents we have to experience all the important things :) Hope you are well my dear!

  14. Get down to Morgantown/WVU and become a Mountaineer fan! Although this year might not be the greatest since our 3 best players went to the NFL. :( But WVU tailgating is an amazing experience! Also my boyfriend is from NY and is a huge Syracuse basketball fan, not so much football though.

    If you have to root for a team other than the Mountaineers, Alabama is a good choice. Atleast you'll almost always have a reason to celebrate! :)


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