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{Greek is Greek} S-I-G-M-A Sigma Kappa 1 Heart 1 Way!

It's true. I am a loud and proud sister of Sigma Kappa Sorority!
As if my love of Lilly Pulitzer, wine and pink weren't big enough hints. ;)
I'm linking up today with Kristyn and some other former sorority girls to share what we loved so much about being Greek!
Carolina Fireflies

I know we sometimes get a bad reputation, but I can not imagine what college would have been like if I hadn't joined my sorority.
There is a difference between friends and sisters, and I never really understood that until I joined Sigma Kappa.  Was I absolute best friends with all 120 girls in my sorority? No, of course not.  But I could 100% call every single one of them in the middle of the night if I needed help, and I could guarantee they would be there.   We would always joke about the bond between sisters, but it is really there.

I know I would have never survived my freshman year without my beautiful and amazing Big Sister, Rachel.
One day I was an overwhelmed freshman, and the next I had a best friend, a confidant, and the big sister I never had to look out for me and show me the ways of college life.  My obsession with her is only rivaled by my obsession for my little...and grand little! (not to mention my great grand little who is just too amazing for words as well!)
Ugh, my love for my sorority family just kills me.  I now have a great great great grand little! I'm getting old.

Past all the love and snuggles, there were the parties.  Going to school in DC, being Greek really made the school seem smaller, and there was always something fun going on!

My favorite party Sigma Kappa did was My Tie.
For My Tie, you partner up with another sister, and pick her date.  Except, she has no idea who her date is.  So, you get the guy's tie and give it to your partner to wear over her dress.  Then, at the pre-game before the date party, all the guys go around and find the girl wearing their tie! Viola! You have a date. :)  This lead to some hilarious stories, and at least one marriage!

My second favorite was Tacky Prom.  This one is pretty self explanatory.
Don't judge me, k?

And then there are the formals. :)

Oh, and the Bid Day Booze cruise...
Yes, that's the captain breaking it down!  What better way to bond with your new sisters than drinks and dancing while cruising around the harbor?

Needless to say, I made a ton of fun memories in my four years as a Sigma Kappa!  But, all partying aside, so many fun memories revolve around the "Senior Prom" we threw every year for the nursing home in our area, waking up at the crack of dawn to walk the Memory Walk with thousands of others on the National Mall to support Alzheimer's research, and all the fundraisers we did as a chapter, and with other chapters, to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity.  There's something about setting a goal and reaching it as a group that really bonds you for life!

I truly mean it when I say I couldn't have made it without these ladies.  I will forever lead my life as a Sigma Kappa, one heart, one way. <3


  1. I'm part of the Greek life too!! It's so fun to find friends that understand that little world and the great things that can come from it. YAY.

  2. That Tie thing sounds soo fun! How cute!

  3. I love this!! so fun hearing about others sorority experiences. I was an ADPi at the University of Alabama – and you are right, it really helped to make the school feel smaller and it was just soo much easier to meet people! actually, one of our date parties – was grab a date – they told us 24 hours before and we had to find a date fast! I had asked my boyfriend (just wasn't at the time!) to go with me and then 6 years later we are stiiiiiill going on dates :) hey thanks adpi ;)

  4. I love this! I am also a Sigma Kappa!! One heart, one way!! I absolutely loved my years at college with my sorority and I can't imagine my life without them! College would not have been the same without them!

  5. I had no idea you are a Sigma Kappa! I miss my chapter so much and college definitely wouldn't have been as fun without them!

    Dove love!

  6. This is adorable! Your sorority sounds like it was so much fun, it makes me miss my sorority so badly!

  7. I'm so happy to have found your blog through this link-up... I'm also a Sigma Kappa and still advise the ladies at Boston University. :) Love your stories.. I will have to make a post for this link-up!


  8. YAY greek life!! I am LOVING reading about everyone's experiences :)

  9. Well, I officially need to go back to college and join a sorority!! :)

  10. I AM A SIGMA KAPPA! I had no idea you were a fellow sister :) One heart One way <3

  11. That's the thing that people don't can always count on sorority sisters, even if you aren't necessarily BFF with every one. It is a GREAT way to learn to get along with women too ;)

  12. I agree with Erin. Apparently I need to go back to college and join a sorority. Just not to my first college...which didn't really do much with the greek life!

  13. All these Greek posts are making me sad! We don't have this in South Africa and we are clearly missing out big time!

  14. That tie party is SUCH a fun idea!! Would make a hilarious ice breaker if two of the guys even had the same tie, LOL! Love it. Lets go back in tiiime, I want to do college over again!

  15. rahh rahh for greek life. it is probably the #1 thing i miss most about college. and if you think your tacky prom dress was bad--i promise mine was worse (think a saran wrap dress) ohh myy lawddd haha

  16. I love this! I am also a Sigma Kappa!! One heart, one way!!

  17. love this! i got excited when i first saw kappa since that's what I was! :) we are all sisters!!!

  18. Alpha Phi from West Virginia University here! Our house was right around the corner from Sigma Kappa, and my freshman year roommate pledged there. I graduated 6 years ago and still miss my sisters and college life practically every day! The good thing is that even though I live far from most of them now, we're all in the getting married stage of life, so weddings turn into reunions. :) Greek life is the best choice I made in college!

  19. Love that last picture! I'm an ADPi, but I had to check out your post when I saw you're a Sigma Kappa. My biological sister is an SK! What school did you go to?

  20. Love your post!! I'm pretty obsessed with my family too and I've lost count of how many greats of a grand little I have now but I always make a point to get to know them! So glad you linked up with us! xoxo


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