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I Escaped!

I might be a day behind on my weekend recap, but one of the few joys of funemployment is that my weeks and weekends kind of start to blend together.  Plus, last Thursday I couldn't stand the thought of sitting alone in our townhouse for another 12+ hours, so I made Dom dinner, stuck it in the fridge and escaped to my house on Keuka Lake!
I pretty much traded a truck stop that tries to be a "hamlet" for an actual cute little lake town in the country.
Friday was cold and rainy, so we headed to the outlet mall for some window shopping!  Much less fun, but much better on the wallet. :)  When it finally cleared up I went with my parents on one of their crazy super duper bike trips.  Thankfully, since I was coming they picked one that was about 10 miles, almost all downhill.  It ended at Seneca Farms, only the best ice cream parlor in the world!

Saturday, my mom headed back to Syracuse to meet some family coming through town, so my dad and I got to play unattended.  For us that meant...
Lunch at my dream wedding location (since I was a little girl), the Esperanza Mansion!  They were setting up for a wedding that evening, so of course, being my father, he asked the waitress if she could sneak us in to see how they had it all set up.  It was gorgeous!!  They set up the ceremony right next to where I took that picture from our table.  You get that view of the lake the whole time! Sign. Me. Up.

After that, we headed to Canandaigua, a town a little ways away for a Riesling Festival!
Neither my dad nor I are huge white wine fans, but if I like anything it's riesling, so we thought we'd give it a go!  After tasting upwards of 16 kinds, we left with our favorite...a moscato! Just don't tell anyone...

Lastly, the Esperanza Mansion has a boat, the Esperanza Rose that has public dinner/bar cruises, and is also chartered for rehearsal dinners for the Esperanza Mansion weddings.  Of course we had to go on a bar cruise..just to check it out. ;)
What can I say?  When Mama's away, dad and I will play!

Sunday, we kept the fun going by having one of my best friends, her boyfriend, and his sister come out for the day. Before they came, I went with my mom and aunt to the next town over to check out the shops!
{It's true!}
 {Can you tell we're in wine country?}
 Contrary to what everyone thought after reading my post about Hunker, I do love small towns!  Unfortunately, Hunker is not a town, but actually a "control city" which means they gave a name to a stretch of land between two towns/cities.  So, we have no main street, stores, or anything that makes a small town a town!  
I could happily live in a town like Hammondsport for a few years!

Once my friends arrived, it was still freeeezing by my standards (and a little chilly by everyone else's) at 70 degrees, but I happily played on the water, and watched my brave friends play in the water!
And no matter how cold it is, a sunset is still a sunset.
I'll take one every night, please!
Today I make the 6 hour journey back to Hunker, where I have a poor, tired and hungry mancake waiting for me!  We'll see how long I last before I escape again.  If only I could stuff Dom in my suitcase next time. :)


  1. what a fun trip! that Esperanza mansion is incredible!!! so fun!

  2. Wow! Gorgeous places! Looks like you had great weather too. I may be a tad but jealous ;)

  3. What a great weekend! My sister and I are planning a trip to the Finger Lakes in September, but we'll be staying in Ithaca...any suggestions for things we shouldn't miss?(other than everything you showed us in your post!) I'm so overwhelmed by how many wineries there are up there!!!

  4. That location is seriously so beautiful! It would be the most perfect wedding spot! What a fun get away weekend! What is up with all this cold weather though?

  5. O-M-G Rieslingg yummmm. Looks like a blast...and um you HAVE to get married there. How freaking gorgeous!!

  6. I need the how merlot can you go sign. ha ha

  7. I love wine festivals I need more in my life ;) that place is so stinkin pretty I hope you do get married there!

  8. Glad you had fun! That would be a pretty place to get married at.

  9. That mansion is absolutely breathtaking! As is everything about the small town :) Glad you had a wonderful escape!!

  10. beer and wine passport? sign me up!

  11. beer and wine passport? sign me up!

  12. How fun! I'm glad you got to escape for a little bit and that property looks gorgeous!

  13. What a fun weekend, that mansion is gorgeous, I'd love to have a wedding there!

  14. Looks like a blast and love that merlot sign!

  15. Sounds like the perfect little getaway!!


  16. Reisling is a favorite of mine, so a reisling festival sounds like just my cup of tea! Looks like a great weekend and hope you had an amazing time!!

  17. What a great weekend! The Mansion is beautiful.

  18. Oh my gosh okay I know where you'll be now. How could I have EVER missed this festival? This is my favorite wine. I must do this next year.


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