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I've Been Keeping A Secret. A Very Tropical Secret.

So, there's been a little something going on in my life that I haven't let you in on!
I've mentioned before that I'm half Puerto Rican (and half Canadian, which is quite the mix)!
My father's family is from Rincon, on the West Coast.  More specifically, they lived on Maria's Beach.  Maria happens to be my great grandmother, so I feel really cool when I go there and buy Maria's Beach souvenirs!
Maria's Beach is one of the best locations for surfing in the world (the top 50 according to CNN!) and many generations of surfers have fond memories of coming to Maria's and getting taken care of by my great grandmother, or drinking with my grandfather!  
When my father inherited the property (after my grandfather died well into his 90s) he wanted to turn it into something that drew people to Rincon, and kept the warm loving spirit of Maria alive.
Thus, Maria's at Maria's Beach was born!
After many years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, Maria's was finished last month!
It is a luxury vacation rental that sleeps 16 people with snazzy kitchens, master bedrooms, wet bars, living and dining rooms on both sides.  It can be rented out in total, or just one half, which would sleep 8 and have all of the amenities above!
Not to mention a pretty awesome pool.
Can I just say how jealous I am my parents have been going down every month to work on it and they haven't invited me?!
Not cool.
Luckily, they invited me and Dom to come with them right after New Years, and Dom's family will be coming too, so they're off the hook. ;)

Anyways, it just opened last month, and we already have people booking, and some destination weddings booked for next year, which is so exciting.  But, as I'm sure you know, the hardest part about starting a business is getting the word out!  My parents are very lucky I have a blog!  So, if you are thinking about heading down to Puerto Rico, or know someone who is, please keep us in mind and spread the word!
We have a Facebook page (with 9,995 likes.  Who wants to be the 10,000th?!) and just started a twitter, so we would love for you to follow along on this new adventure!

Plus...can you imagine the fun 16 bloggers would have if we took it over for a little reunion? ;)
The possibilities are endless! :)

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  1. this is beyond amazing!!!

    So pretty and looks so relaxing

  2. That looks SO beautiful! I have to go/ I probably can't afford to at the moment so I can't wait to see pics when you go and I can pretend I am there :) I would be jealous that they weren't taking me either! Congrats to your fam!

  3. This is so awesome!!! and the place looks absolutely beautiful! I have friends who go to Rincon every year. I'll have to let them know of your place in case they go with a bigger group!

  4. Gorgeous! I want to go there!!! Blogger vacation get together! ;)

  5. WOW what an awesome property to have in the family!

  6. pick me! pick me! Haha, seriously, this looks amazing!!

  7. It's so gorgeous, the perfect vacation destination. I need a tropical getaway right about now!

  8. This place is beautiful. too bad i've already got my wedding planned it would make a great destination location!

  9. That is sooo crazy! I was born and raised in Mayaguez and this coming May Sean and I will be having our wedding there. For our honeymoon we'll be making our way around the island for two weeks (we almost booked a place in rincon but found a cute little beach hut in Isabella instead). Maria's is absolutely charming! Reading this post had me smiling the whole time. I miss my beautiful little island.

  10. SO SO beautiful! Wish I could spend a week there! Blogger meet-up?? I would totally go!

    p.s. I wasn't 10,000th but I was 9,994!! yay me!

  11. WOW!
    I would jump on a plane right now if I could

  12. That is amazing! You are so lucky to have something like that at your fingertips. Best of luck to you and your parents!

  13. Maria's looks beautiful!! I would love to visit one day with a group of friends.

  14. Congrats to your parents! That is so exciting!! If I ever get the chance to go I'm totally booking it :) A blogger retreat there would be amazing!

  15. Looks incredible. I want to be there now! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  16. You know I already have my time slot reserved ;)

  17. SO amazing! Congrats to your family. Looks like a gorgeous vacation rental.

  18. Wow, this place is beautiful!

  19. That looks amazing and gorgeous :)

  20. UMM... I need to move in, like yesterday?

    I have missed seeing your pretty, little blog!!! I'm so glad to be back!!


  21. The house is beautiful! What hard work that must have been! My dad is from Puerto Rico and my family and I visit there often. Just a few weeks ago, we stayed in Rincon (our favorite place!) :) Congrats to your family for finishing and having such a wonderful home to stay and/or rent out!

  22. This is awesome! You always have the coolest stuff going on in your family!

  23. Amazing!!! I have tons of PR friends..they go there a lot...I wonder if they go around there...but I heard PR isn't that big so maybe they know the area.

  24. That is absolutely gorgeous. What a family treasure - especially since you get to share it with others!

  25. BLOGGER REUNION! Count me in... gorgeous!!


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