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Things I'm Loving Right Now!

That title doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "What I'm Loving Wednesday," but since life has been a little boring I don't have enough material for you to wait until Wednesday!  Without further ado, some things I have been loving lately!

My beautiful new design from Erin!  
I wanted it to feel bright and tropical, like a little slice of Florida.  She did exactly what I wanted and I am so obsessed!  If you're looking for a new design, she is absolutely your girl!

Katrina Campins and Hot Listings Miami
It all started Tuesday night when I was watching Giuliana & Bill, and was too lazy to get up when it ended.  The next show was Hot Listings Miami, and since I jump at anything South Florida related, I decided to see that it was all about.
I. Am. Obsessed.
Not only is the show filled with beautiful shots of Miami Beach and other neighborhoods in South Florida, it also stars Katrina Campins.
She's spunky, goofy, powerful, stylish, driven, and exudes the happiness and confidence all us girls wish for (and if I looked like her I would too)!
She's definitely my new girl crush.  Almost PLL & Carrie status.

Last minute dinner dates!
 Medical school is no joke.
Dom gets up at 5:30 during the week, studies until he has to go to class, goes to the library after and studies until about 7, comes home (if I'm lucky!) and takes a 15 minute dinner break before going to study until about 11pm.  Everyday. 
Saturday?  He went to the library to study just after 10 and didn't come home until 11pm!
So, on Sunday when he called and said they were taking a 45 minute break and wondered if I wanted to come into Greensburg for dinner I was so excited.
The only thing opened was this tiny greasy pub, but I got to see Dom for a whole 45 minutes and it was amazing!
When you're dealing with an insane schedule and very tight funds, you realize it really is the littlest things that count.

Green's Gluten-Free beer 

Holy Yum.
I'm not a huge fan of ciders (although Stella's is not too bad!) and some gluten free beers can be absolutely awful.  Last summer I was introduced to New Planet, which is a really good gluten free beer.  Even Dom says it's good, and he doesn't have to drink gluten free beer!
When I was at my lake house last weekend, Seth, a guy at a local store gave my parents a bottle of Green's to try.  It is a lot darker and heavier than the other gluten free beers I've tried, and it is so good.  I find myself reaching for it before wine this past week!  I only tried the dark ale, but I can't wait to try the others.

That's all for now!  If you have anything you're loving lately please let me know.  Goodness knows I need all the entertainment I can get!


  1. Love the new design!

  2. Let's talk about how I thought that was you for a minute.... so if she's your girl crush, you got the look down!! :)

  3. Your design is gorgeous.. totally "you" and definitely reminiscent of south Florida.

  4. I seriously don't know how you do it with the whole med school thing! Props to you girl! I am not a needy girlfriend by any means but I don't think I could handle that every. single. day. I am going to have to try that gluten free beer, my mom has been looking for a good one that doesn't taste blah!

  5. Um okay you could be that girls twin from a distance, HA! I literally thought the same thing as Erin!! Omg... #hottiealert!!

    Also, sooo happy you got some time wtih your man! Time is precious :)

  6. I love Greens and New Planet. The Dubbel Dark is my favorite by far, but the others are good for some variety. Gluten free beer is usually really tragic, which is the single thing I miss the most. Have you tried Strongbow for cider? It's one of the less sweet ones, and I can usually tolerate it a bit better than the sugary ones!

  7. Wow, that it like this just for the first year or will all years be as tough?

  8. Love the new look!
    Gluten-free beer? We don't get this in SA and I think we need to!


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