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5-4-3-2-1 Now you know too much about me.

I'm totally stealing the prompts for this post from Erin over at Two Thirds Hazel, but she specifically said if our brains weren't working and we needed a post idea to snag away.  So I did just that!

Five things I'll be doing over the next week
1. I have my first Nutrition Through the Life Cycle midterm tomorrow, so today I'll be studying my little heart out!  If you're pregnant, overweight, need a slightly low carb diet and need a meal plan I am the girl for you.  It's proctored online...which means I literally am video chatting with a proctor who is watching me through a webcam the whole time.  Sorta kinda awkward.
2. Going to the GI doc (not to be confused with G.I. Joe) to see what's wrong with me and if I have this Fructose Malabsorption thing that fits a little too perfectly into my life.
3. Frolic around Pittsburgh with Mama Avocado :)
4. Celebrate Dom's worst week of med school being over on Monday!
5. But I can't party too hard, since I have my first day of work on Tuesday!

Four things I need to purchase
1. Curtains for our bedroom.  Once pennies got tight we literally stopped decorating mid-room.  Now that we have a little income coming in I think it's probably okay to stop flashing the neighbors every night.
2. Plane ticket to Florida.
3. A teacup Chihuahua.
I don't think I will ever win this argument, but Dom did say one of them was almost cute, so you never know!
4. Something big huge and sparkly, a brand new car, anything amazing to bribe the lady Dom has to petition to in order to get a transfer to Bradenton.  It's apparently "almost" impossible, but knowing Dom, he doesn't take no for an answer!
5. A puffer vest and some awesome sweaters.  If I'm going to live through fall and winter I need to look fabulous.

Three shows I can't wait to come back into my life
1. REVENGE!  Slowly but surely I've gotten everyone obsessed with it.  It's just so amazing.  The people, the clothes, the Hamptons.  It just doesn't get more beautiful.
2. Duck Dynasty.  Thankfully the season starts early so I already have Uncle Si back in my life.  Please tell me you all saw John Luke in last night's episode!  This season hasn't been quite as amazing as the last few, but last night certainly made up for it!
3. The X Factor.  Maybe we'll get another pet and name him after our favorite contestant again this year.  #MissYouTateTheHedgeHog

Two reasons I'm excited for fall
1. Candles!  I always have them burning.  You are all out enjoying your Pumpkin Spice Latte's and us allergic-to-coffee people have to sit at home and cry.  Or, burn our pumpkin spice candles and get over it. ;)
2. Clothes!  Sweaters, scarves, boots, oh my!  I had about 2 weeks in Florida when it went to the mid-60s and we went all out with our fall clothes.  It just wasn't enough!

One thing that is currently bothering me
I would say the amount of spiders in Southwest PA, but I really don't want to end this post talking about spiders, so I'm going to go with my second biggest bother.  The Universe.  Trying to keep Erin and I away from each other.  I have very few weekends when I have plans, and those are always the weekends Erin has free!  I don't think the universe thinks it can handle the amazingness of the two of us together so it's trying to keep us apart.  But don't worry, it will happen.  It will be awesome. 


  1. I LOVE this posttt- I should have went with this format today and we totally could have been even more twins than we already are. That made sense right?!

    Universe- please cooperate with us soon. Love, Robin & Erin

  2. I've been trying to burn through my summer candles so I can bust out my pecan pie and pumpkin ones! That teacup Chihuahua is too cute. I've never seen one before!

  3. I just started Revenge! I only have a few episodes left in the first season and every one has me on the edge of my seat. I loved Emily Vandercamp on Everwood so I knew I'd like her in this. I can't wait for all the fall clothes !!

  4. I was pretty sure I was the only blogger loving Duck Dynasty and Uncle Si! I have last nights episode waiting for me on the DVR!

  5. CAN'T wait for Revenge to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Also, candles & wax melts... the best time of year for them. It makes me so happy! :)

  6. SOOO ready for Revenge!!! Oh my GOSH, John Luke was cracking us uppppp last night!!

  7. CANNOT wait for Revenge to come back!! So glad you mentioned the clothes, they are amazing.

  8. The online proctoring totally isn't as creepy as it seems. I did it for chemistry. I think it's better than going and sitting somewhere like a library for the test. The people are usually really nice and once you get set up you don't talk to them again, you just use chat. Good luck! I'm taking it tomorrow too!

  9. You're awesome - just fyi! Also, come visit me!! Or lets plan a trip somewhere that's in between our two places!

  10. OH and they ask you incredibly creepy questions like "which one of these names are you associated with?" and it's someone you've lived with. It freaked me out the first time.

  11. ahhh! I love this post! While I was reading this all I could think was, "wow - we have SO much in common!" :) can't wait for revenge; it gets better every episode!!

  12. I want to play too! I'm less than 2 hours away!!!

  13. Revenge is SO good, and I've only ever watched a couple episodes here and there. PS - add this to your list to buy; PLANE TICKET TO OHIO!! :)

  14. That dog is so cute! I want a mini puppy lol

    I just recently started watching Duck Dynasty, I am hooked! I wish I wouldve watched it sooner

    I am a fall nut!!! I love everything fall.

    We still need to plan something sometime too!! ;)


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