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From Hawaii to NY #SopranoWedding!

Maybe one day I'll get my act together and have a weekend post on a Monday...
But last week the recap came on Wednesday, so I'm improving!
This weekend Dom and I made a very quick trip to his hometown to celebrate the wedding of two of his very close family friends!

I didn't blog then, but in January of 2012 I spent 2 weeks in Hawaii with Dom's family, Ashlee, her whole family, and Corey and his whole family.  It was an insane vacation getting so many loud Italian families together!
But what we all knew that Ashlee didn't?
Corey was going to propose!
So while they were "taking a walk" before dinner, everyone was gathering an setting up a surprise engagement party for when they got back!
 (And yes, all 3 mothers were looking through telephoto lenses to make sure they were walking back together...or that would have been awkward ;))
The wild and crazy group!
 Being able to celebrate the engagement made it even more special to be able to celebrate their wedding day!
Dom and I flew out of Pittsburgh Saturday morning and got to his house around 2pm.  That gave us just enough time for Dom to get some work done and his mama and I to go get our make-up done :)
 The ceremony was at a beautiful church in Glens Falls.  Sorry for the bad quality iphone pics, I was too excited to stop moving!
So blurry but I had to use it! That's Dom's brother Anthony, who was a groomsman, and his girlfriend Lauren who just happens to be Ashlee's best friend and former college roommate! :)

The cocktail hour was at a country club, and the decorations were incredible!
There was not a dry eye in the house during the first dance, father daughter dance, and the amazing speeches by Ashlee's 2 sisters and Corey's 2 brothers.
 The speech Corey's brothers gave was the funniest best man speech I've ever heard.  In involved a lot of back and forth between the two, basically along the lines of...
"Remember, now you're the man of the house..."
"...until Ashlee comes home from work."
"Now, what ever you say goes..."
"...right out the window!"
You get the idea :) 
It was so fun to see the happiness between everyone and then dance the night away to a great band!
 And get some blackmail in the photo booth, of course. ;)
Then we were up at 6 the next morning to fly back!  
It was a quick 18 hours in NY, but we had a blast! 


  1. I love weddings! Looks like you had a great time, so special that you got to celebrate both the wedding and engagement!

  2. I'm from Saratoga, not too far from Glens Falls! Such a small world!

  3. So fun! You like uhmazing and the wedding looks awesome!

  4. How sweet and that wedding looked gorgeous!

  5. It looks like you had a great time! You looked gorgeous =)


  6. When I saw this title I was like..I can't believe you came to Hawaii and didn't tell me!!! But what an adorable story :) You look hot lady!

  7. I grew up in NY too. Born in Buffalo raised in a small little town south of Syracuse called Homer. ;o)


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