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Home, Country, Wine, and Friends!

I know it's wayyy late to do a weekend post on a Wednesday, but I enjoyed my last extended weekend at home before I start work next week!  My long weekend included everything I love, seeing my family, friends, country music, and wine!

Friday night my parents and I went to see Songs For A New World, a show that I love and apparently no one in my family but me has seen it!  I've been listening to my favorite song from it, Stars and the Moon a lot, so it was so random when my dad mentioned it was playing at a tiny theater downtown.  We walked in and ran into my brother and his girlfriend!  The show was great, and seeing it in a tiny theater made it even more personal.

On Saturday, my friend Briana and I went to see Rascal Flatts in concert!  Even though I always say Zac Brown Band is my favorite, Rascal Flatts are so much a part of me that I think they will always take the cake!  This was my seventh time seeing them, and I know it won't be the last.  They put on an amazing show, and always sing their old songs (which are their best, IMHO) that bring us right back to high school.  It was an amazing night, and totally worth the 2+ hour drive to and from!

 {Beer and 'Merica}
Sunday was really special, because I got to have lunch with 2 of my best friends, and their HUSBAND and FIANCE.  How weird is that?  We went to Chili's, where we went all the time in high school to talk about our crushes, but now we were having serious conversations about mortgages, wedding planning, and babies! So crazy how life changes!  Don't worry, the ice cream portion of a chocolate molten cake was my date. ;)
{Blurry :( but Married // Enaged // Hungry}

Monday continued the amazingness with a visit to my old job, and wine tasting around Cayuga Lake!
We went to three tastings and met some hilarious characters who kept us laughing the whole time.  Our last one was the "Nautie" winery, and it had tons of nautical things in their shop, and I wanted to buy everything!  We all got "I got nauti on Cayuga Lake" stickers, which should be awkward when you're with your parents...but after about 18 wine samples we didn't mind! ;)

Tuesday it was back to Hunker for another week with my cow friends! Happy Hump Day :)


  1. I agree- Rascal Flatts old jams are THE BEST. Of course I love everything of theirs, but they were one of the first country groups I really loved back in the day so their music always takes me back :) Jared took me to see them once and I've been dying to get back to another one of their shows ever since!

  2. Concert, food and wine tasting make an awesome weekend! Sounds like you had a great time :) Good luck on your first day of work next week!

  3. Saw this post and thought of you right away! Love your blog it's a must read every day for me


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