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If I took three months off from my life...

I love this prompt from Jenni's Blogtember.
"If you could take three months off from your current life, what would you do?"
Unfortunately, if I wrote down everything I would want to do during these three months it would be a veryyy long post! 
I'm also editing this a little bit, and pretending I have unlimited funds. ;)

First, I would move back to West Palm and split my time between my beloved City Place
and my happy place, The Breakers, where I would have brunch every Sunday.
After getting my sunny fix, and assuring myself I wouldn't be gone for long, I would set out on a month of touring the world!
First stop...underwater hotel in Fiji.
After a glorious stay, I would have to pop on over to Sydney, just to say "Hi!"

Next, I would hop on a plane (in this fantasy Qantas flies everywhere) and take in a little Santorini.
Can you imagine waking up to that view? I honestly don't think I would leave.
But alas, I would have to get back to So Fla and play with my baby.
My baby, of course, would be my teacup chihuahua named Basil who looks and acts exactly like Latte...with whom I recently fell madly in love!
Together we'd spend the remaining part of the three months frolicking in the ocean and deepening our tans.
Sigh... that would be nice!


  1. oooh, the underwater hotel! Yes, please!

  2. I loveee city place! My dad always makes it a thing to go to palm beach and we always go there (normally christmas time!) I love seeing the tall tree there!

  3. Love itttt and love talking travels with you. I hope in your 3-month plan you kick things off by getting me a paid leave of absence from my job so I can join you on all the fun! :)

  4. Ever since I saw the Kardashians vacation in Greece (um embarrassing...but not really) I've wanted to go! I added those igloos in Finland to my list, but that underwater hotel looks fabulous as well! Count me in!

  5. Ah Fiji! Why didn't I think of that?
    Enjoyed your post! See you tmr! (●⌒∇⌒●)

  6. As easy and fun this prompt was, I have to admit it is a little depressing too haha. I mean to encourage us to fantasize about places and things we could do with 3 months off is just plain mean;) juuuuust kidding, but you get what I mean, right?

    That underwater hotel would Seriously.


  7. Sounds like an AMAZING way to spend three months. I can't even imagine the underwater's so gorgeous I bet!

  8. haha, sounds like a pretty awesome three months!! I've heard of that underwater hotel opening up--it does sound pretty amazing!!

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