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Life's Little Moments!

Lately I haven't had much going on that requires my big fancy camera or a total recap post.  However, fall has brought a lot of little happy moments over the past week that I think deserve some recognition too!  If you follow me on instagram (@robinavocado) you might have seen some of these!

1 & 2- A few touches of fall bring a ridiculous amount of happiness.  We are always looking for a happy median in decorating, since we want the house to feel loved and homey, but we also don't want to spend a crazy amount of money since we'll only be here for a year.  I think our strategically placed fall pieces give it just the right amount of fall-ness :)
3- Starting my job means balancing glasses!  I definitely snagged a tray from the restaurant so I can practice balancing and serving drinks at the same time.  If I needed motivation to work out I definitely got it!  Those suckers are heavy.

4- Mama Avocado came to town for a few days, so we drove into Pittsburgh in search of the best gluten-free pizza we could find.  We ended up at a place called Mandy's Pizza and it was the most glorious thing in the history of ever.  That is a thick FLUFFY crust gluten-free spinach and ricotta cheese pizza.  Heaven, heaven, heaven.
5- Every so often Hunker delivers a little somethin' somethin'.  It doesn't have much, but if you wait long enough you might just get a night when the sky is on fire.  This picture doesn't do justice to the hot pink and fire red we saw driving into Greensburg that night!
6- Mama and I went to mexican.  We ordered the smallest size mango margs.  This was it. Bam.

Happy Friday!


  1. Fall is my favorite:) and that pizza looks AMAZING!

  2. Love your touches of fall! :) They are perfect. We haven't even gotten our fall stuff out- ugh, I'm slacking big time!

  3. Love all of your fall!! Happy Weekend!

  4. I love decorating for fall! That pizza looks seriously delicious! It sounds like you get to see your parents a whole lot more that must be nice!!

  5. Fall makes me happy too <3 where do you want to move after a year? Georgia? To be with me? Okay great, see you thnen :)

  6. Fluffy crust gluten free pizza is so hard to find so I'm happy you got some! I'm so used to the "is this cardboard?" crust at this point. Looks like you guys are having so much fun! XOX


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