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Lookin' Gooooood.

Okay, so being honest here- I don't really care about the Emmys.  There are about 3 TV shows I watch besides all the reality shows I'm addicted to, so I really never know what's going on or who anyone is.  However, I LOVE me some Neil Patrick Harris, and watching beautiful people wear beautiful clothes is always fun.

Some of the looks I was loving last night:

Kaley Cuoco
Not crazy about the sheer part, but the silhouette and color are to die for, and the earrings and hair look perfect.

Julie Bowen
  Some people were hating on this dress, and it does look a little weird here, but I thought she looked gorgeous. Plus she's hilarious and her hair is exactly how I want my hair for my wedding. 
So it's a win for me!

Anna Gun
See? Anna Gun.  Literally no idea who she is.  I do, however, know that this dress is amazing and I really can't stop looking at it.
*Note: right as I was typing this she won for Breaking Bad. Yay! Now I know who she is.

Last but not least, my girl
Does she have any flaws?

After the red carpet I pretty much fell asleep until Carrie came on.  Talk about another human being with no flaws!  
Thus, my only Emmy excitement came to an end.  Until Shemar Moore graced my screen.  To think, I almost missed my husband!

Where there any looks you were loving? Or hating?

P.s. This is my 300th post.  How crazy is that?!


  1. wow I didn't watch but these are beautiful! And really? Can I just own every gown Carrie Underwood wears?

  2. But seriously Sohpia and Carrie have no flaws! I loved both of their dresses. I didn't end up watching but I like seeing all the dresses worn this morning!

  3. I barely knew anyone either but I love the fashion and of course the humor of the hosts! xo

  4. We have like the same taste in style I think! I agree with you 100% on these gals and I didn't watch the Emmys only the fashion :)

  5. I don't even watch, just look at all the pictures the day after! I LOVE Julie Bowen's dress! Can't believe people were giving her a hard time! Love all the other pics too - and I had no idea who Anna Gun is/was either lol

  6. I love Sofia Vergara, she always looks stunning!

  7. Seriously. Carrie Underwood is just drop dead gorgeous...and that dress is beautiful!

  8. Sofia Vergara is sizzlin'! I love, love, love her and she looks amazing in that dress. Then again she would look amazing with a plastic bag as a dress. I also really like Julie Bowen's dress. There is something very romantic about the color. Is it sad that I didn't even know the Emmys were on?



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