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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  I'm throwing it back real quick to my senior year of college...aka the last time I dressed up for Halloween!  As much as I love my Dom, he is a total party pooper when it comes to Halloween.  He thinks it's only for kids and is not a real holiday, soooo we haven't done anything since we started dating.  Even more reason for me to stay in one place long enough to make friends who want to party!  Maybe I'll even bring the Jasmine/Genie outfit back. ;)
Hope you have a wonderful and safe Halloween!


Lilly Pulitzer Resort 2013 Must Haves!

It is no secret around here that my love for Lilly Pulitzer is borderline inappropriate.
I really just can't help it.  I love everything her brand stands for:
Living a colorful life, Palm Beach, summer, bright colors.
If you ask me, there really isn't anything not to love!
Well, on Monday Lilly's Resort 2013 line came out and it did not disappoint!
I love that along with her usual fabulous bright prints there are also solids and more neutral choices that you can still wear even if you don't live in the bright heaven of Palm Beach.
Here are some of my absolute must haves!

 ^This one is my absolute favorite! To. Die. For.

 ...I ask myself that every day. ;)
All of the above options can be found here

I really hope Santa reads my blog because I just don't think I can survive without these pieces hanging in my closet (and no, Dom, that's not being dramatic).
Did you see anything you couldn't live without?

Hope you have a wonderful colorful day!


The Night We Pretended We Were Still In College

October 22nd was a day that Dom and I counted down to starting in July.  I've mentioned before that Dom's medical school takes 3 classes that most med schools do over the first year in a short 3 months before they move on to Problem Based Learning. Welllll October 22nd happened to be that 3 month mark, so after Dom SMOKED his boards (hello 99!) we let loose!!

We started by having Dom's belated birthday dinner!  His birthday was right in the middle of exams, so we didn't really get to celebrate.  We decided to postpone it until he could enjoy it!  We found a great sushi place in Greensburg, and I had Hawaiian pineapple sushi and a pumpkin spice martini!  I know those flavors all sound kind of grossed mixed together...but I assure you it was fabulous. ;)

Next we went to Nick's house to get our pregame on!
Nick's sweet mother made this for him...if only she knew what we did with it!  We're considering adding "Punch for Partying" on the back! Haha

This is where the night started to disintegrate...
After a little pre-pregaming action, we walked up a very big hill to the actual pregame!
It was worth it, though, because at the top of the hill was my blonde twin!
Only problem with drunk men taking your picture? The blurry one with the hand is the best one!
Dom's whole class was on the same schedule, so everyone was out and ready blow some steam.
 I loved getting the chance to see some people I'd met previously, and others that I had only heard about.  Everyone was so sweet, and with every new friend being in PA gets a littttttle bit better.  The night was a blast!

Like any successful night, it ended with nachos from Sheetz at 3:30am and discovering this selfie on my phone.

Cheers to pretending to be undergrads again!


5 On Friday!

1. I am LOVING all the responses from yesterday's post.  I really only have one friend "in real life" that feels the same way I do about my passion for being a mother, so I loved hearing from so many of you feel the same way!

2.  I can't really go into detail yet (don't you hate when bloggers say that?), but I was approached with an exciting opportunity out of the blue that I think will be so fun!  Plus it involves a high end gala in Pittsburgh sooo yay!

3. I know I've been bragging about Dom a lot lately, but his 3 months of hell are officially over and guess what?  He got a 99 on his round 1 boards!!! He also got As in all three classes, something fewer than 8 people in his whole did!  I'm so proud. :)

4. My heart has been breaking this week.  I couldn't help but stalk Lilly Pulitzer and the Lilly models as they had their Spring '14 photo shoot at The Breakers!  You know I have an issue when I saw this picture before seeing the caption and knew immediately they were at The Breakers. #obsessed
From Lilly's instagram @lillypulitzer

5. Modern Family.  Wow.  How did it take me so long to become obsessed with this show? I could watch it for days at a time.  So hilarious!!


I'm the kind of girl who...

...will stay out until 3:30am thinking she can still be functional the next day.  Sorry, Robin, you're 24 now.

...always tries to make light of a situation.  Unhappiness makes me very uncomfortable.  Smiling is my favorite.

...would turn down almost anything to be at a beach bar looking at the ocean.

...will only paint the toes showing in that night's shoes.

...always wears color.  No matter the season.

...Doesn't hold grudges.  I hear they give you wrinkles.

...must stand on the right side during a picture.

...sits and reads Kelle Hampton's blog for hours when I'm feeling down, need some inspiration, motivation, or guidance.  I should really be paying her for the amount of therapy she gives me. starting to realize who I am, and what I love, and not being ashamed for wanting what I want. 

...needs to wear 3 layers of makeup to cover her dark circles...and they're still there.  Any suggestions?? They're genetic...not related to lack of sleep!

...binge listens to songs for months at a time until she can't stand them anymore. always barefoot.

...might not have much extra money, but will spend whatever she has on travel.

 ...loves pink, sparkles, and glitter...and isn't ashamed. 

...gets overwhelmed by her to do list and then goes and tries to learn a new chair curling technique for hours on youtube.  Or takes a nap.

...belongs in a city.  Although I can fake it in the country.

...loves getting dressed up to go out more than anything....but is also content to snuggle with blankets on the couch.

...gets emotionally attached in inanimate objects.

...will call her mama in a crisis no matter how old she is.

...knows her dream in life is to be a wife and mother, and no longer sees not being career driven as a flaw.

{Mom!! She's going to steal me!}

...belongs by the beach, ocean, and sunshine. :)


Did I ever tell you I used to be a dancer?

You would never know it if you saw how much of a total klutz I am now, but in a past life I was a dancer. 
As in, ballet, jazz, modern, pointe, 3 hours a day every day with dance intensives in the summer.  I wasn't particularly amazing, but I loved it.  Then, I graduated high school and quit cold turkey.

However, one of my closest friends growing up, is an incredible dancer and choreographer, and thankfully has never quit.  After high school she went to the Boston Conservatory and her success has only continued from there!
 {How we danced outside of the studio ;) p.s. check out that cellphone!}

Kate is currently the Artistic Director her contemporary dance company, The People Movers.  Her current project is the debut of her first evening length piece, HackPolitik, a ballet based on the hacker activist group Anonymous (and I bet you thought all ballet was dull and boring)!

The excitement over this project as been crazy.  It was featured in Boston Magazine and they are even being teased with a Forbes article.  Um... awesome!  So, if you are in the Boston area and are interested in dance, art, politics, or even just want to experience something new, you absolutely need to check it out!  
"Technology has redefined how we represent ourselves, how we engage each other, and how we engage in politics. It has undermined the global corporate and governmental power hierarchy in favor of a knowledge-is-power paradigm. A keen understanding of this technology has enabled a subculture of hackers, who are often at odds between their anarchistic and somewhat immature roots and a will to promote their own political ideologies.
The plot of HackPolitik follows a series of politically driven cyber-attacks by the hacker collective known as “Anonymous”. In December of 2010, thousands of hacktivists attacked the websites of some of the world’s largest financial institutions to avenge WikiLeaks. In following attacks protesting global government transparency and accountability, they infiltrated the governments of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, becoming a critical force in supporting the Arab Spring.

HackPolitik is a surrealist investigation, through music and dance, of how we engage politics through technology in the 21st century. It explores the thin line between activism and anarchy, anonymity and ego, gender identity and personality. HackPolitik is intensely character-driven, following the online personas of the main players in Anonymous and Lulzsec and how they play between immature mischief-making and true political activism. All of the choreography is a physical interpretation of the inherently abstract interactions that can only occur over the Internet." -Kate Ladenheim
 *All photos by Nir Arieli

I know Kate has huge things ahead of her in her career as a dancer, choreographer, and Artistic Director, and I can't wait to see what she does next!

Get more information on The People Movers here // Follow The People Movers on Twitter here


If You Really Knew Him...

My main squeeze had a birthday this weekend!
On Saturday, Dom finally turned 24...
Making me no longer a cougar ;)
In honor of his birthday (which we are celebrating Tuesday), and #mancrushmonday I thought I'd do a little "If you really knew him" post!
 If you really knew Dom you would know...
...he went through a guido phase.  I say phase but I don't actually know if it was phase or just until he met me...but it was pretty intense! he wouldn't be able to pass up a Vineyard Vines sale if his life depended on it...and his closet it just as bright as mine!
...when it comes to important things he has a one track mind. He can literally study for more than 12 hours straight with only quick 15 minute breaks for food.  Even his classmates think he's crazy!
...when he's not in "the zone" he can be super ADD.  We'll be having a conversation and I can see his eyes glaze over.  It's almost always because something shiny is behind me.

...he's a vodka martini guy.  With just a splash of vermouth. 

...he does not allow food on the couch.  To the point that it would be a deal breaker.
...his car is his baby and you better believe no food or drinks are allowed!
...he signed us up for a months worth of ballroom dance classes just for fun
...he played college football! Then blew out his shoulder.  It is now metal. 
...his dream girl is Carrie Underwood.  At least he has good taste!

...his favorite movie is Top Gun

...he's actually a very quite person.  He has a lot of friends and his very social,  but when you meet him he is more the observant listener type. 
...he loves The Bachelor and The Bachelorette more than he will ever admit.

...he always knows what to do. Always.

...he pretty much only listens to EDM, country, and Lady Gaga

...he loves to play sports, but doesn't watch them.  He doesn't even have a favorite sports team!! This makes shopping for him very difficult.

...the first thing my mother ever said to him was "Wow! You're wearing more jewelry than my daughter!"

...he's a total neat freak.  I'm the messy one in the relationship!

...he watched Glee without me last week.


White Coat Weekend Pt. 2: The Return of Party Nana!

I know it was totally unfair for me to leave you all hanging with this picture...but I just had to!
{Tequila shots with Nana!}
Party Nana returned in full force last weekend!  There were rumors that she had 4 margaritas at breakfast, which she denied...but this is Party Nana so you never know.  What I do know is at our lunch after the ceremony she ordered a margarita straight up with no ice. Basically as close as she could get to ordering a glass of only tequila.  Love her!

Seriously the whole day revolved around food.
I say White Coat weekend, but it really was only White Coat day because LECOM so stupidly planned the ceremony the weekend before finals, so Dom was only able to take the one evening off from studying.  Don't get me started on the strongly worded letter I want to write to the school!

Anyways, after lunch we headed back to Hunker where Dom was studying and watched a little football and relaxed until heading into Pittsburgh for dinner.
{I have never been able to put into words my Dad's love for Syracuse sports.  I think this picture proves it!  There was no way the 40 minute drive into Pittsburgh was going to cause him to miss the 'Cuse football game!}

We went to the tiniest Italian restaurant with a super simple and delicious menu, and an endless supply of red wine!
{I'm surprised to say we only went through 5 bottles! :)}

After getting sufficiently liquored up, we brought the Marinos to the Duquesne Incline so they could see the skyline (and duck!) from way above the city.  Of course, a photoshoot followed!

 {My brother and Party Nana= instant BFFs}

  This was the first time our families got to spend a lot of time together, and it was so fun! Both our families love to party and have a good time, I I had no doubt.  I'm so excited to see what will happen in January when we all head to Puerto Rico together!  I don't think that tiny island is ready for us... ;)


White Coat Weekend Part 1!

I was one proud girlfriend this past weekend.
On Saturday, Dom and his classmates received their white coats!

The ceremony was held downtown and was short, sweet, and emotional.  Just ask Dom's mama who teared up just by seeing his name in the program. :) 
After a few speeches the students were called up three by three to receive their coats.
After the intense amount of work Dom has put in the past 3 months (and still has a few more weeks to go!) it was so exciting to see him finally get his coat and look all official.  I was so proud!
Unfortunately, due to the professional photographers we weren't allowed to use flashes, so the pictures are a little blurry...but you can get the idea!

Okay, I may have a million videos too! Between my mom, Dom's mom, Party Nana, Tallie and Adam's (Tallies bf and Dom's friend) mom, we have pretty much every angle you could want!

After the ceremony it was photo time.  You would have thought he was Kim Kardashian.  I think we took about 3,984 different combinations of pictures, but everyone needed a turn with the man of the hour!
{Dom's parents and hiii Party nana!}
{My family}
{"Young People" aka my brother, Dom's brother, Ant, and Ant's girlfriend, Lauren}
{Dom's Ladies! ;)}
And last but not least...
Dom, I am so proud of how hard you have worked.  Every day you impress me with your incredible focus and drive.  School keeps getting harder and you keep taking it in stride, and work endless hours to stay at the top of your class.  You inspire me every day and I am so glad to call you mine! Love you!

While I'm tooting his horn, I have to mention the surprise I received the night before the ceremony.
I got home from work around 11:30 and saw this beauty on the kitchen table.
A beautiful explosion of pink, yellow, and white, thanking me for all I do supporting him and running the house while school gets his undivided attention.  They made my night!

After all the sappy stuff, there's only one thing to do when you have an Italian and Puerto Rican family all together...PARTY!  More details about the crazy fun day to come in Part 2!

In the's a hint:
Happy Tuesday!


#tbt The Best Day Of My Life

One of the reasons I took a blogging break this summer was because I had so much going on I didn't have the time to sit and blog.  It's funny, when I actually have blogging material I have no time, and now that I have lots of time, I have nothing to blog about!  So, in honor of Throwback Thursday, I figured I'd go back to July and tell you my best friend's wedding...aka the best day of my life!
{Dom, my brother and I getting down}

I know it's funny that Felicia's wedding was the best day of my life, but I'm not married yet so I can say it.  Plus, it really was!  It was honestly the greatest day...ever.

We started the day with mimosas and beautifying at Felicia's apartment, and a surprise from the groom!
{This is the Felicia face.  Any questions yet on why she's my bff?}
Is she not the most gorgeous bride ever?! 
I could just DIE.
I can't even tell you how much love and squealing happened in that apartment.  We've all been friends for 10 years, and always dreamed of this day.  It was finally here!!

Per usual with our group, the ride to the church turned into a huge dance party!
{The color gradient ;)}
Right as we were turning into the church we blasted Rascal Flatts' "Why Wait" (duh) and lo and behold, a random truck sitting there with a Why Wait sign!
{So their sign might not have been about weddings...but it was close enough for us!}
The ceremony was so romantic.  I was so nervous but I didn't trip!  Once I made it to the alter I could breathe and enjoy!  Right before the doors opened for Felicia's brother to walk her down the aisle Kevin, her groom, started bawling, which of course make me cry, then Bri behind me started crying, then Katie (Kevin's sister) behind her started crying!  So, by the time she came down the aisle we were all ugly happy crying and it was perfection.
{Seriously.  Those smiles didn't leave their faces all day.  They are too perfect!}
{Their happiness was clearly contagious.  We couldn't possibly not dance in the receiving line!} was time to party!
More champs, more blasting country music (T Swift's "Love Story" might have made an appearance) and pictures!  Then, it was cocktail hour and reception time!
 {The most amazing photobomb ever...brought to you by a groomsman from another bridal party at the garden}

Felicia and Kevin made a photobook of the bridal party that was out for guests to see during the cocktail hour.  I love that each member got a page so guests could see how they are connected to the bride and groom.  Such an awesome idea!

The reception was so so fun.  I don't think there was a single person there who wasn't laughing and dancing the entire time.  Those smiles Kevin and Felicia had earlier? They spread to everyone.  I literally don't think I've ever experienced a day that was so full of love and laughter.  If I was glowing from so much happiness, I can't imagine how Felicia was feeling!
{First dance!}
{Maid of Honor speech! Cute sidenote: Julia's boyfriend must have gotten wedding fever, because between the ceremony and reception he went and bought a ring! They're getting married next September <3}
 {Cake cutting!}

And then it happened.  My favorite moment of the whole day.
Whenever I have spent time with Kevin, he has been very poised, cool, calm, and collected.  I know from a certain instagram picture of him in an apron (busted!) that he has a silly side, but I haven't seen it.  So, that made what happened all the more hilarious and shocking!  Without Felicia knowing, he had the DJ start to play "She's a Lady" and lip synced it to her in the most hilarious way ever.
Sigh. I still laugh when I think about it.  It was hilarious and amazing and I really hope the videographer caught every second of it!  Both Kevin and Felicia were having the time of their lives and were absolutely radiant!  All through high school Felicia and I had this unfortunate habit of always getting dumped within 2 weeks of each other.  While it made it better that we always had someone to cry with, it was still rough.  Since I know what we've both been through, it made it that much sweeter to see her get her fairytale ending.  Kevin is the most incredible man, and I don't know which one of them is luckier for finding the other! 

I think that's what made this day the best day of my life.  I seriously felt drunk the whole day, and I don't even think I stopped laughing long enough to get a single drink the whole night.  I was drunk on love, people.  Their love is so overwhelming and contagious that it was impossible to not get swept up in it that day.  It was everything a wedding should be, and I hope to one day have a wedding filled with that much love and happiness!  Congratulations, Felicia, you are one half of the greatest couple on earth, and I know you have an amazing life ahead of you, and I was so honored to be a part of your special day! <3


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