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5 On Friday!

1. I am LOVING all the responses from yesterday's post.  I really only have one friend "in real life" that feels the same way I do about my passion for being a mother, so I loved hearing from so many of you feel the same way!

2.  I can't really go into detail yet (don't you hate when bloggers say that?), but I was approached with an exciting opportunity out of the blue that I think will be so fun!  Plus it involves a high end gala in Pittsburgh sooo yay!

3. I know I've been bragging about Dom a lot lately, but his 3 months of hell are officially over and guess what?  He got a 99 on his round 1 boards!!! He also got As in all three classes, something fewer than 8 people in his whole did!  I'm so proud. :)

4. My heart has been breaking this week.  I couldn't help but stalk Lilly Pulitzer and the Lilly models as they had their Spring '14 photo shoot at The Breakers!  You know I have an issue when I saw this picture before seeing the caption and knew immediately they were at The Breakers. #obsessed
From Lilly's instagram @lillypulitzer

5. Modern Family.  Wow.  How did it take me so long to become obsessed with this show? I could watch it for days at a time.  So hilarious!!


  1. You should be bragging about Dom - that's awesome!!! I hope you get to celebrate :) Ahhh I love Modern Family - I die laughing each episode! Phil is exactly how I picture my twin brother being when he's a dad haha.

  2. Congratulations to Dom!! Such wonderful news, and you have so many reasons to be proud!

    And you're just now jumping on the Modern Fam train?! Ohmagoodness! It's our favorite show and we may or may not own all the previous seasons on DVD and watch them in rapid succession at least once a year... :)

  3. I'm totally with you on the motherhood and wife life. Obviously that won't be for quite some time, but I'd give up my career in a heart beat if I could afford to be home with my kiddos and be a house wife for a living :) Ain't no shame here!

  4. So proud of Dom and so glad you two got to celebrate a little before it's back to the grind! :) Just remember that we're on our way to our dream life!! Go go go! :)

  5. Go, Dom, go! You should be bragging about that!

    And thanks for reminding me I need to catch up on this week's Modern Fam ;)

  6. Modern Family is hilarious!! Love shows that make you laugh out loud!

    have a good weekend!!

  7. I tried to comment on yesterday's post but my phone just wasn't having it. Glad to hear there are other ladies out there who feel like that's what they're meant to do! I get a lot of crap for saying that being a wife and mom is my dream job. Yay for Dom doing so well! There's nothing wrong with a little bragging about your significant other :)

  8. Yay for Dom!! I just watched modern family for the first time and am OBSESSED! Have you seen trophy wife? Also hilarious and similar to modern family!


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