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An Update and 10 October Goals

Happy October!
This month is going to be a very big month for little Ole Hunker.  We have a lot of exciting things happening, and also a lot of stress coming our way!  But, by the end of the month Dom will be able to say he finished his 12 weeks of torture, and life will become much more normal.  To say I'm excited would be a huge understatement!
We kicked off our October Eve by celebrating Dom being finished with his second round of anatomy exams! And getting all As. ;)  We had a little wine and met our Texan friend at Texas Roadhouse for Dom's first TR experience. I was so excited to watch him squirm at all the peanuts on the floor, but luckily for him it was late so they were pretty clean (didn't stop Nick and me from filling his seat up with shells when he took a phone call though :)).  This means Dom has one more round of exams in 3 weeks and he'll be done with Anatomy and will take the Shelf exam!  So yes, that means he will have completed what normal med schools do in the first year in his first 3 months.  Impressive.

Now, onto my goals!

1. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. October 22nd (when Dom is finished with these crazy 12 weeks) has loomed in our minds since July.  It seemed like it would never get here, but now we're in October and it's a mere 3 weeks away.  I feel like September flew by, so hopefully this day will come even sooner.

2. Try not to cry during Dom's White Coat Ceremony.  On October 12, Dom's whole family and my whole family get to watch Dom get his white coat and "officially" begin his journey to doctor-dom. (hmm I meant that as doctordom, like kingdom, but now it says doctor-Dom and that's kinda exciting too) I also need to make sure my little hamlet of 329 people is ready for 10 whole visitors! We just might shut down Hunker for good.

3. Get healthy! This is a constant goal, and Dom and I are really good about being healthy.  However, I'm seeing a new doc to try and get to the bottom of some issues I've been having instead of just ignoring them.  It's time to feel good and energized all the time!

4. Get strong! I've been holding off on getting a membership to the Y until January, since I'm only taking 4 classes this semester and won't qualify for the student discount until then (see also: I'm poor).  Then Erin got a membership to Planet Fitness and I got inspired!  While I usually go to the gym for the classes, right now I really need to work on my upper body strength.  I need it for work- helloooo trays larger than me that I need to hold over my head- plus a scrawny arm just isn't cute.  So I joined for $10/m and plan to get my lifting on to tone up.  There's no commitment, so when I'm ready to join the Y I can switch.  Best of both worlds!

5. Be more intentional about housework.  I tend to wait to do laundry until one of us is out of underwear (okay, that was mostly due to the spider, but it's a bad habit), or wait to deep clean rooms until company is coming or it looks so bad that I can't ignore it anymore.  I'm going to really try and be intentional about it this month.  Maybe allot one room for each day of the week, just to clean counters, sweep, or pick up clutter.  That was the house looks nice for Dom and I to enjoy.  Who likes coming home to a dirty house?  Plus, our decorations look better when you can actually see them! 

6. Celebrate Dom turning 24!  He's such a baby!

7. Buy makeup remover. Okay, so this isn't really a goal per say, but I've been out for a week, so you can only imagine the distress I'm in every night.  I always vow to buy some the next day, and then forget until it's nighttime and I can't get my industrial strength waterproof makeup off.  So.  Today will be the day!

8. Spend more time on the couch drinking wine and snuggling Dom.  I'll be working mostly nights, but I still want to make an effort to get that quality time in each day.  It will be easier if I'm good about goal 5 and am on top of the housework, so we can come home and relax instead of run around cleaning!

9. Get our gallery wall finished by the time everyone comes for White Coat.  We've had some issues getting the images we want, but I really want to get it finished and up so our home will be complete!

10.  See the massive rubber duck in Pittsburgh.  More details to come. 


  1. yes and yes and another yes to #5! I'm sitting here on my break when I could be doing the mound of laundry, but I opened our underwear drawer and saw we had clean underwear so... so time to get up and do it anyways!

  2. hahaha that damn duck! Since we went to college in Western PA, about 50% of our friends still live in the PGH area. I've been dying over the duck shots all week! Please take some good ones :)

  3. I really hope y'all shut hunker down. They dont know whats coming :P
    Small PA town problems...

  4. So exciting!! Can you add blate with me on that list?! :)

  5. I need to be more intentional about keeping the house clean as well. I'm really good about the kitchen but terrible with letting laundry pile up!

  6. Congrats to Dom!! So exciting. Hope your getting healthy thing goes well with the new doctor. It's the best when you find a good doctor willing to really figure stuff out--but it's hard to find one.

    PS--face lotion totally removes makeup. Just put some on a piece of tissue and rub.

  7. Seriously- Dom is a rockstar! So excited for you BOTH to get through this first crazy, rough life adjusment. So proud of you for joining PF! Thank YOU for being motivational to me too :) XO!

  8. Congrats to Dom!! Sounds like you're both crazy busy but doing well! My brother had his white coat ceremony for PA school and it was so fun to watch him get it!! I bet it will be a great day :)

  9. This is awesome! Congrats to Dom! And good luck to him on his last 3 weeks of torture!
    And I'm right there with you on the house work. I really need to deep clean!

  10. Congrats to Dom and to you!!! Woooo almost there! I need to join your goal of some sort of work out plan! I am nervous to buy a gym membership anywhere because I am scared I wont use it enough to get my moneys worth but maybe if I actually spend money on it I will be forced to go? Does it work that way?


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