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Happy, Happy, Happy

{Said in the Phil voice, of course.}

I think reading Erin's list of things that made her happy last week made either the universe or my perspective shift, because this weekend was filled with little acts of kindness, luck, and happiness.  Dare I say it, I actually enjoyed life in Hunker this weekend. :)
1. Starting my weekend with a stack of gluten, egg, dairy, and sugar free pancakes with some vanilla chai tea // 2. Getting this to die for shirt in my October stitch fix (seriously, if you're not signed up for it, start now! So easy, fun, and doesn't break the bank), posting a pic on instagram (@robinavocado) and getting picked as the Living in Yellow #liylookoftheday.  I might have squealed and done a happy dance. Don't judge. // 3. Discovering bacon and jalepeno coated spreadable cheese. // 4. Making the easiest and most delicious crock pot thai coconut soup! // 5. Realizing 3/4 of these are about food.  I'm okay with that. :)

Some other happies:
-My manager randomly paying for the dinner I got to go after my shift on Friday.

-Having 3 days off in a row.

-Knowing I have to work this weekend when all our family is in town, but still getting the best possible schedule that will give me ample time with them, and lots of hours.

-Going out to drinks with my new coworkers.

-Going into Pittsburgh and meeting more of Dom's med school friends I hadn't met yet, and loving them.

-Really honing in on what I want to do in the nutrition field.

-Trying out a new mexican restaurant with Tallie and discovering sangria swirled margaritas. Hello instant happiness!

Here's to another great week full of happiness!


  1. ok...I have been DYING to try Stitch Fix. But really how cost effective is it? I mean, I LOVE shopping, but I'm sure my children would love to eat rather than see the new item of clothing their Mom got, you know?? :-)

    I'm interested in your opinion...

    Thanks! LOVE the blog!!

  2. glad that hunker wasn't so bad this weekend :) also loving your shirt and it is feeding into me totally wanting to try stitch fix!! happy Monday!


  3. Aww glad you're having a better time! That stitch fix shirt is adorable!!!!

  4. I need to look into this stitch fix...

    glad things are starting to get better!!

  5. I did ONE Stitch Fix back before I was on a mega-budget but seriously, they send the CUTEST stuff! I totally knew you were going to get the look of the day award- miss cutie pants!! :)

    So HAPPY you're making the best of Hunker. I can't wait to come visit you!!!!!!

  6. Sangria swirled margarita!? YUM! Sounds delicious!! All of the food looks absolutely delicious!!

  7. I did a happy dance for you too when your look was the LIYlookoftheday. And then f-i-n-a-l-ly went and scheduled my first stitch fix that I've been putting off forever!

  8. I need to get in on this StitchFix, it looks like they send some awesome stuff! And that cheese ball looks divine!!

  9. I LOVE that shirt!! So cute! Also, I need the recipe to the coconut Thai soup! Looks and sounds so good!

  10. Did you make those pancakes?! I need the recipe!!!

  11. LOVING that stichfix day I'll treat myself to a box of theirs ;) this darn budget of mine.

    Erin sure has a way of making people happy, eh? ;)


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