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If You Really Knew Him...

My main squeeze had a birthday this weekend!
On Saturday, Dom finally turned 24...
Making me no longer a cougar ;)
In honor of his birthday (which we are celebrating Tuesday), and #mancrushmonday I thought I'd do a little "If you really knew him" post!
 If you really knew Dom you would know...
...he went through a guido phase.  I say phase but I don't actually know if it was phase or just until he met me...but it was pretty intense! he wouldn't be able to pass up a Vineyard Vines sale if his life depended on it...and his closet it just as bright as mine!
...when it comes to important things he has a one track mind. He can literally study for more than 12 hours straight with only quick 15 minute breaks for food.  Even his classmates think he's crazy!
...when he's not in "the zone" he can be super ADD.  We'll be having a conversation and I can see his eyes glaze over.  It's almost always because something shiny is behind me.

...he's a vodka martini guy.  With just a splash of vermouth. 

...he does not allow food on the couch.  To the point that it would be a deal breaker.
...his car is his baby and you better believe no food or drinks are allowed!
...he signed us up for a months worth of ballroom dance classes just for fun
...he played college football! Then blew out his shoulder.  It is now metal. 
...his dream girl is Carrie Underwood.  At least he has good taste!

...his favorite movie is Top Gun

...he's actually a very quite person.  He has a lot of friends and his very social,  but when you meet him he is more the observant listener type. 
...he loves The Bachelor and The Bachelorette more than he will ever admit.

...he always knows what to do. Always.

...he pretty much only listens to EDM, country, and Lady Gaga

...he loves to play sports, but doesn't watch them.  He doesn't even have a favorite sports team!! This makes shopping for him very difficult.

...the first thing my mother ever said to him was "Wow! You're wearing more jewelry than my daughter!"

...he's a total neat freak.  I'm the messy one in the relationship!

...he watched Glee without me last week.


  1. I WISH I was a no food on the couch and in the car kinda gal. Life would be easier, I'm sure haha! Maybe my next car I'll treat better? Jared loves Carrie too, so he and Dom have that in common! ;)

  2. I love this! Happy birthday Dom!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Dom!

    I am the messy one in the relationship too, only organized thing in my rooms is my desk cause THAT can't be messy lol.

  4. I'm pretty much obsessed with Dom. Almost as much as I'm obsessed with you. Which is a lot btw! xoxo

  5. I finally got Caleb to admit he's a Carrie fan... he said "I mean, I guess her face is pretty"...bahaha, men. She is SMOKIN hot! ;) hilarious. Love this post!

  6. He has my birthday eve!! :P Gosh I love Carrie - I saw her in concert in March and I wish we could be bffs! And man I thought I was a neat freak but I eat on the couch and in my car!

  7. I love the bit about watching glee without you! You both seem lovely :) x

  8. What fun post friend. It's fun to meet the men behind the blogs and see how much you love him shining right through all these sweet things about him.


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