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I'm the kind of girl who...

...will stay out until 3:30am thinking she can still be functional the next day.  Sorry, Robin, you're 24 now.

...always tries to make light of a situation.  Unhappiness makes me very uncomfortable.  Smiling is my favorite.

...would turn down almost anything to be at a beach bar looking at the ocean.

...will only paint the toes showing in that night's shoes.

...always wears color.  No matter the season.

...Doesn't hold grudges.  I hear they give you wrinkles.

...must stand on the right side during a picture.

...sits and reads Kelle Hampton's blog for hours when I'm feeling down, need some inspiration, motivation, or guidance.  I should really be paying her for the amount of therapy she gives me. starting to realize who I am, and what I love, and not being ashamed for wanting what I want. 

...needs to wear 3 layers of makeup to cover her dark circles...and they're still there.  Any suggestions?? They're genetic...not related to lack of sleep!

...binge listens to songs for months at a time until she can't stand them anymore. always barefoot.

...might not have much extra money, but will spend whatever she has on travel.

 ...loves pink, sparkles, and glitter...and isn't ashamed. 

...gets overwhelmed by her to do list and then goes and tries to learn a new chair curling technique for hours on youtube.  Or takes a nap.

...belongs in a city.  Although I can fake it in the country.

...loves getting dressed up to go out more than anything....but is also content to snuggle with blankets on the couch.

...gets emotionally attached in inanimate objects.

...will call her mama in a crisis no matter how old she is.

...knows her dream in life is to be a wife and mother, and no longer sees not being career driven as a flaw.

{Mom!! She's going to steal me!}

...belongs by the beach, ocean, and sunshine. :)


  1. I love your list, is it weird and creepy that it gave me goosebumps? Great way to get to know you better!

  2. love this!!!

    I also have to be on the right in pictures!!!!

    dark circles, try MAC Mineral concealer amazing. I have bad ones, and that definitely covers them!!!

    I love Kelles blog!!

    TOTALLY same w a song I like!

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  4. Wife and mother = favorite point! Something I've always wanted and now that I'm at a crossroads in life where I have a job but not something I want to do forever, people think I am crazy.

  5. I don't think every single woman is made to be career driven and there is no need to feel guilty about it for sure.

    I use to long for a big corporate career, now I'm a work at home mom with no upward mobility potential in my career and I don't even care. All that matters is I'm home with my baby girl every day.

  6. "is starting to realize who I am, and what I love, and not being ashamed for wanting what I want." LOVE this- so much Robsyyy!!! :)

    Nothing wrong with wanting to be a wife and mother. Plus, our kids can be BFFs when we all live at the beach together at that point in our lives ;)

  7. I LOVE this; I always said I would be a woman with a career, not a career woman and bam, I'm neither haha things will all fall into place and you never have to be ashamed for that. LOVE you to pieces...

    Ps: Have a kid so I can gawk at how freaking beautiful it's going to be.

  8. I'm the same, I will find the light in any situation no matter how bad. Down and unhappy people make me uncomfortable.

    Oh and when you find that solution for dark circles let me know. I can paint the make-up on but they'll still be there.

    Mel's Corner

  9. ..will stay out until 3:30am thinking she can still be functional the next day.

    I have never read anything more true than that statement.

  10. That second to last rings close to home. I've always been proud of being career driven and successful, but now I'm looking back and how I spent my entire youth with babysitters and nannies and would have loved to have an involved mom instead of the mom who forgets about picture day. It's hard to understand which is most important, but I'm now coming to terms with the idea of putting family first instead of me/myself/my career.

  11. you're so fun! you can never wear enough color :)

  12. what a fun post idea!!! unhappiness makes me uncomfortable too! you look so fun :)

  13. LOVE this!! I might have to do this soon haha! I recently wrote a post on the future and what I want to do other than obviously being a mother as #1

  14. Love all of this! Esp, painting the only toes that show! I thought I was the only lazy person that did this ;)

  15. I loved this list. And I also only paint the toes that will be seen!
    Love the last one!

  16. Aw! I love the friendship you and erin have...! ;)
    also love the picture of you and dom kissing! I agree smiling is my favorite. I hate situations that put a damper on life

  17. I love this list! I definitely want to do something like this on my blog, sometime - it's so fun to read about all those funny quirks that make us, us :)

  18. There are too many of these that you and I are on the same page with, I mean really! But that second to last one, about realizing that not being career driven isn't a flaw, I was JUST talking to Doug about that the other day because I feel the EXACT same way.
    I truly feel that my main purpose, as boring or old fashioned as it sounds, might just be continuing to be a great wife and becoming a mother. So refreshing to see someone close to my age say the same thing.♥

  19. All I want is to be a mother and a wife! I work in the financial industry in NYC and women look at me like I'm a crazy person. Glad I'm not alone :-)

  20. glad to know i am not the only one who paints their toes when they come out to play and i honestly think that being a wife is the best job out there and i cant wait to add "mommy" to my resume

  21. We have so many things in common! Especially the smiling and good attitude part. love this post.


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