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The Night We Pretended We Were Still In College

October 22nd was a day that Dom and I counted down to starting in July.  I've mentioned before that Dom's medical school takes 3 classes that most med schools do over the first year in a short 3 months before they move on to Problem Based Learning. Welllll October 22nd happened to be that 3 month mark, so after Dom SMOKED his boards (hello 99!) we let loose!!

We started by having Dom's belated birthday dinner!  His birthday was right in the middle of exams, so we didn't really get to celebrate.  We decided to postpone it until he could enjoy it!  We found a great sushi place in Greensburg, and I had Hawaiian pineapple sushi and a pumpkin spice martini!  I know those flavors all sound kind of grossed mixed together...but I assure you it was fabulous. ;)

Next we went to Nick's house to get our pregame on!
Nick's sweet mother made this for him...if only she knew what we did with it!  We're considering adding "Punch for Partying" on the back! Haha

This is where the night started to disintegrate...
After a little pre-pregaming action, we walked up a very big hill to the actual pregame!
It was worth it, though, because at the top of the hill was my blonde twin!
Only problem with drunk men taking your picture? The blurry one with the hand is the best one!
Dom's whole class was on the same schedule, so everyone was out and ready blow some steam.
 I loved getting the chance to see some people I'd met previously, and others that I had only heard about.  Everyone was so sweet, and with every new friend being in PA gets a littttttle bit better.  The night was a blast!

Like any successful night, it ended with nachos from Sheetz at 3:30am and discovering this selfie on my phone.

Cheers to pretending to be undergrads again!


  1. That sushi looks so good...where did you guys go. If you are ever out my way..we should grab some, there are a few places out here

  2. HAHA that looks like a blast. GO Dom! Way to kill it!

  3. Looks like fun, congrats to Dom on the 99.

  4. You know how wrong it is to post sushi pictures. Once a person sees that, they can't stop thinking about it until they get it... crap!

    So glad you're making so many friends in PA, see? It's not so bad after all :)

  5. Looks like it was a really good time. Yip drunken men and taking photos never I once had about 10 photos of just their mouths, oh who knows why they did that to begin with.

    Mel's Corner

  6. The celebration was well deserved!! Glad you guys had a great time :)

  7. Sheetz is one of the BEST things about drunken nights in PA. Mac & cheese bites or their french fries with cheese are my favs! So glad you had a fun weekend to let loose! :)

  8. Yay I'm glad yall got to party. I love the nights when I pretend I'm still in college! And having fun is way easier when you don't have classes to worry about.

  9. Nachos from sheetz? So college-y/PA of you ;)

  10. Reliving the good ol days is needed once in a while. Gosh I did it Saturday night but the older you get, the longer the recovery! Gah!

  11. I am originally from Greensburg! How fun. I miss Sheetz! I always stop in there on our way out when I come home to visit. Sometimes it is great living it up college style.

  12. That sushi looks absolutely fabulous!! I would have gone with that awesome pumpkin spice drink too!! :) Also, sometimes it feels good to pretend we're in college again.... until the next morning. hahaha

  13. Congrats to Dom! And I love random nights like this - I am old now (26) so my body cant handle too many nights!

  14. See how much better life gets the closer you get to OHIO?!!?! ;) I cannot believe Dom got a 99!! YAY!!!!

  15. This post just made my whole night! YAY for lots of celebrating and it looks like so many fun friends. Happy for him that it's over and that you got to help him celebrate!


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