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White Coat Weekend Part 1!

I was one proud girlfriend this past weekend.
On Saturday, Dom and his classmates received their white coats!

The ceremony was held downtown and was short, sweet, and emotional.  Just ask Dom's mama who teared up just by seeing his name in the program. :) 
After a few speeches the students were called up three by three to receive their coats.
After the intense amount of work Dom has put in the past 3 months (and still has a few more weeks to go!) it was so exciting to see him finally get his coat and look all official.  I was so proud!
Unfortunately, due to the professional photographers we weren't allowed to use flashes, so the pictures are a little blurry...but you can get the idea!

Okay, I may have a million videos too! Between my mom, Dom's mom, Party Nana, Tallie and Adam's (Tallies bf and Dom's friend) mom, we have pretty much every angle you could want!

After the ceremony it was photo time.  You would have thought he was Kim Kardashian.  I think we took about 3,984 different combinations of pictures, but everyone needed a turn with the man of the hour!
{Dom's parents and hiii Party nana!}
{My family}
{"Young People" aka my brother, Dom's brother, Ant, and Ant's girlfriend, Lauren}
{Dom's Ladies! ;)}
And last but not least...
Dom, I am so proud of how hard you have worked.  Every day you impress me with your incredible focus and drive.  School keeps getting harder and you keep taking it in stride, and work endless hours to stay at the top of your class.  You inspire me every day and I am so glad to call you mine! Love you!

While I'm tooting his horn, I have to mention the surprise I received the night before the ceremony.
I got home from work around 11:30 and saw this beauty on the kitchen table.
A beautiful explosion of pink, yellow, and white, thanking me for all I do supporting him and running the house while school gets his undivided attention.  They made my night!

After all the sappy stuff, there's only one thing to do when you have an Italian and Puerto Rican family all together...PARTY!  More details about the crazy fun day to come in Part 2!

In the's a hint:
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Party NANAA!!! :) So proud of Dom, and seriously, how sweet are those flowers. Girlfriends of med students need love too!!!

  2. So proud of him! & awe he did a good job on the flowers :) They are too cute..

  3. Aww those flowers are too sweet, love it. & congratulations to Dom, that is amazing!

  4. so awesome!!! Congrats to Dom.

    And so sweet of him to get you flowers!!!

  5. Congrats, Dom! You both look radiant in these pictures and that was such a sweet surprise for you! :)

  6. love this and the flower gesture!!!! too sweet!

  7. So exciting for Dom! And so incredibly sweet he recognized your hard work and support through all of this too! :) nana sounds like she's maybe, just maybe, the coolest person ever.

  8. Aww this is too cute--Congratulations to Dom! That's a mighty big accomplishment!!!!

    And I just love that every family seems to have a party nana :) Mine is definitely my Grandma Janet! LOVE IT!

  9. He graduates and you get flowers? He sounds like such a keeper! :) Congrats to both of y'all!

  10. PARTY NANAAA! HAYY! His mom & her look so much alike, she's his maternal Grandma, right?
    Is it weird that I teared up just a bit? Your proudness is contagious cause I'm also super proud of him!
    And those flowers are gorgeous, so awesome that he took the time to show you how thankful he is for you. You deserve them!
    Congratulations, Dom! Keep up the good work, Doc! ;-)

  11. Congrats to Dom!! I love how much you two support each other :)

  12. Congratulations to Dom! That must be an unforgettable experience. You are such a good girlfriend!


  13. congrats Dom! This is soooo awesome!
    I am so happy for you two.

    and the flowers? cutest/sweetest thing ever!

  14. YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY DOM!!! He looks great in that white coat and you look great on his arm! xoxo

    p.s. PARTY NANA!!

  15. Congrats to him! Also have to giggle at the mental image of him as Kim's pretty great.


  16. Congrats to Dom! And you looked BEAUTIFUL


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