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White Coat Weekend Pt. 2: The Return of Party Nana!

I know it was totally unfair for me to leave you all hanging with this picture...but I just had to!
{Tequila shots with Nana!}
Party Nana returned in full force last weekend!  There were rumors that she had 4 margaritas at breakfast, which she denied...but this is Party Nana so you never know.  What I do know is at our lunch after the ceremony she ordered a margarita straight up with no ice. Basically as close as she could get to ordering a glass of only tequila.  Love her!

Seriously the whole day revolved around food.
I say White Coat weekend, but it really was only White Coat day because LECOM so stupidly planned the ceremony the weekend before finals, so Dom was only able to take the one evening off from studying.  Don't get me started on the strongly worded letter I want to write to the school!

Anyways, after lunch we headed back to Hunker where Dom was studying and watched a little football and relaxed until heading into Pittsburgh for dinner.
{I have never been able to put into words my Dad's love for Syracuse sports.  I think this picture proves it!  There was no way the 40 minute drive into Pittsburgh was going to cause him to miss the 'Cuse football game!}

We went to the tiniest Italian restaurant with a super simple and delicious menu, and an endless supply of red wine!
{I'm surprised to say we only went through 5 bottles! :)}

After getting sufficiently liquored up, we brought the Marinos to the Duquesne Incline so they could see the skyline (and duck!) from way above the city.  Of course, a photoshoot followed!

 {My brother and Party Nana= instant BFFs}

  This was the first time our families got to spend a lot of time together, and it was so fun! Both our families love to party and have a good time, I I had no doubt.  I'm so excited to see what will happen in January when we all head to Puerto Rico together!  I don't think that tiny island is ready for us... ;)


  1. SO fun! Party Nana looks WILD... hope to meet her someday haha and I hope to see you soon. Seriously we need to plan something!

  2. Looks like an awesome time and Congrats to Dom.

    Mel's Corner

  3. I'm so glad party Nana could make her return for such a fun-filled weekend :) I still can't believe how they scheduled everything though with exams and the ceremony- SILLY! I love the pic of your dad watching 'Cuse, and that I can see you in the mirror too haha!

  4. Finals AFTER the ceremony!? How crazy!!! Bless his heart! It's almost over!! Love the last picture!

  5. YEA PARTY NANA! Your dad is officially competing for my favorite against party nana with that picture of him watching football in the car! That's my kind of guy! So glad you had such a good time celebrating! You deserve it!

  6. She's bacckkkk! Love Party Nana!

  7. Your dad doesn't mess when it comes to Cuse! Haha too funny! You also look like both of your parents :) I could tell from the picture of them! AND YOU AND DOM NEED TO BE A MODEL COUPLE... Can't wait until your engagement photoshoot. I will be swooning... Oops sorry for posting that but I mean it! :)

  8. What a fun weekend!!! That's awesome your families get along so well :) I can only imagine the partying that will go down on during your wedding reception :P

  9. Heck… why aren’t the iPhones transparent!? that would be really awesome.


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