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Embracing November

You know the old saying, "If you can't beat them, join them?"
That's my mindset going in to November.  While it is no secret that the cold months are not my favorite, but the holiday season is my favorite (okay, tied with summer) so I'm going to do everything I can to embrace it.

That means driving 15 minutes to get a Starbucks hot chocolate even though I could make some at home, because the red cups make me happy.

When I come home cursing PA for its gray and brown cold rainy days, I light a candle and snuggle under a blanket, because the cold outside makes the inside that much more cozy.

When stores go all Christmas crazy and skip Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, I embrace it, because the feeling of the holidays makes everything better.

I don't know if this will be our only Pennsylvania winter, or if we'll have 3+ more coming.  So, I am going to embrace it.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves, I still wish I was by a beach in sunny Florida, but if there's one time of the year I think the North has Florida beat, it's the holidays.  

There's nothing quite like sitting watching it snow while you're all safe, warm, and cozy inside.  That's something that just doesn't happen in Florida.  So, while the majority of the time from now until April I will be bummed about the cold, I am going to appreciate the little moments that make the holiday season feel like it did growing up.  Warm blankets, millions of layers, fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, and yummy holiday smells. 

November is a month for giving thanks, and I sure have a lot to be thankful for.  First thing first, it's time to strap on my thermal, fluffy, heated big girl panties and start embracing November. 

p.s. Some housekeeping: I changed my twitter handle to be consistent with my insragram, so now you can follow me both places and watch me "embrace November" @robinavocado!


  1. This is such a perfect attitude to have! HAve a great week lady :) XO

  2. Good reminder, lovebug!!!! :) We HAVE to find a way to embrace each day otherwise the days just weigh too heavily on us!

  3. Haha you are right the north does holidays better than the south just because of snow and all ;)

  4. Haha I love this post! If there's one positive thing about the winter here in PA it's that the holidays are so much better. Thanksgiving just feels that much more festive with a chill and maybe a little bit of a white dusting on the ground. I love it!


  5. This sounds like a good attitude!! While I'm not a fan of the cold either, it definitely does make the inside cozier! I can't wait for the holiday activities to begin!

  6. Great outlook girl! I need to channel some of your positive energy about winter because it's already making me so depressed.

  7. Such a great mind set to have!! Holidays are the BEST!!!

  8. Love this post! Holiday season really is one of the best!
    And I also kind of can't stand how some stores seem to go from Halloween straight to Christmas. I want to see Thanksgiving stuff too. It's crazy.

  9. Winter does make the holidays better and being inside so much more cozy!! It would be hard for me to be on a beach at Christmas, haha.

  10. Hey there! I'm a new follower. I came acrossed your blog on WifeStyles! Absolutely love it! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week! :)


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