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Every Brunette Needs A Blonde Best Friend.

I absolutely love that quote. 
I also believe in it with my whole heart, since some of my very best friends are blondes.
This weekend I headed to Manassas, VA to celebrate my best friend/college roommate/sorority sister Bennett's 25th birthday!  I could not be more in love with her new little town, and it was just so much fun catching up!

Over the course of the weekend there was a whole lot of wine, laughs, puppy snuggles, and junk food.  Dom would have cried if he saw the haul we brought home the first night! Reuniting with a best friend just can't be done over a salad.  Sorry!

On Saturday we started the day with my first ever trip to Nordstrom Rack. Holy moley it was heavenly.  Can we talk about the 2 $70 sweaters I snagged for $10 each?  Or the gorgeous scarves I snagged for $11?  Even though I had to resist the most perfect Kate Spade bag to ever grace this earth (down from $500 to $230!!!) since I am still on a was still amazing.  My new life goal is to make sure I never live in a city without a Nordtrom Rack!

After our quick and dangerous shopping trip, we headed into DC!  Bennett and I went to GWU together, and it was so amazing and sad to be back on campus.  So much has changed (for the better) but it still felt like coming home.  We compared it to seeing an ex boyfriend you're still in love with.  You're excited to see them, but you know it's going to break your heart at the same time.  We were so nostalgic and sad that we're grown up and not in college anymore!
{Our townhouse senior year, this new Burgers, Taps, and Shakes place on campus, our sorority house, GW!}

{Every graduate gets a brick, after a LOT of searching, we found ours!}

Afterwards we headed back to Virginia for some more wine and chick flicks.  Have I mentioned I never wanted this weekend to end?  Before I left on Sunday, we had to go into Old Town Manassas for a photoshoot!  This is the best we could do with just the two of us and my timer. :)

 Can I just be southern now, please?!

I am so excited Bennett is less than four hours away now, instead of 4 states!  There will definitely be more weekends like this to come, and I just can't wait!


  1. So much fun!!! I haven't been back to my school in years but when I went back, it was kind of weird. Exactly how you described it! xo

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! I live just a few miles from Manassas in Gainesville! Small world!

  3. I also only live like 20 minutes away from Manassas!! Sounds like such a great weekend with your best friend! I can't wait to visit my school again though I know it'll be great and sad!

  4. Looks fun! My sister lives in Haymarket, few miles from Manassas,and I love the small town feel of where she lives! Makes me long to move....

  5. Love the ex boyfriend comparison! I went to GW my freshman year and all these pictures bring me back!

  6. This seems like such a perfect fun weekend! I can't believe you have never been to nordstrom rack before, I am absoloutely in love with it!

  7. Such a fun weekend and so glad you have a good friend closer to Hunker. It's always good to have a friend nearby when you need a laugh, a mood lift, or just some fun.

  8. The love picture is Perfect! I loveeee gw/dc area (although I don't go to school there) I love visiting! I have so many friends that go there!

  9. This sounds like such a fun weekend! I love college so much that I never want to leave, so it must be such a weird feeling to go back to campus after you graduate!


  10. Aww. There are some days when I miss college so much. I lived in the sorority house all 4 years and it was so nice to always have someone to go to dinner with or just sit in the others room with. What a great weekend, although I'm sad it had to end. AND I definitely agree that us blondes need our brunette friends. hehe Happy Wednesday eve pretty lady!

  11. Looks like fun! I live about 4 hours from there in Roanoke!

  12. Such a fun weekend! I love your scarf in your pics! And nothing is better than good shopping deals :)


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