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Everyone should have a Friendsgiving.

According to my instagram feed, Dom and I were two of many who hosted Friendsgivings this weekend!
This was our first year having one, and I have a feeling it will be the first of many.
{Bonus points if you do a Native American and Pilgrim theme}

We made it easy on ourselves and had everyone pick a dish to bring so we only had worry about the turkey and the pies.  It was our first time attempting a turkey, and Dom wanted to try a new "upside-down" recipe that was supposed to make it extra juicy (it did!), so we were really nervous. We would have had 14 very hungry people if it didn't work!  There was no need to worry, everything went perfectly. :)

{had favorite outtake in the history of ever}

{Mustache will be gone so soon!}

The holidays are always so fun, but living far away from family can also make them super stressful.  We had so much fun having friends over (minus Tallie and Alicia :( ) so we could kick start the holidays with lots of food, laughs, and no traveling!

 I really think everyone should have a Friendsgiving.  Not only is it so fun, but it's a great dry run before you have to host a big family holiday!  This way you know if you mess something up everyone will still love you.  The same can probably be said about family...but if yours is anything like mine or Dom's, they will never let you hear the end of it! 

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!  I scored 2 days off from work, so I'll be doing a quick 36 hours in NY.  Keep your fingers crossed for me driving in that snow!


  1. I love the idea of having everyone bring a dish to cut down on work! I've seen some pretty stressful looking Friendsgivings!

  2. So much fun. I'm glad you guys were able to celebrate with friends. It looked like such a blast. One of these days I say we have a blog-giving. It could happen right?! Happy thanksgiving week sweet friend.

  3. Fun! Love the out take pic! Looks like a blast, and I love how you all dressed the part!!

  4. So much fun! We decided to forgo hosting ours this year and I am so sad that we did. We will be back in action next year!

  5. Too bad our parties coincided and we couldn't be at each others ;) Looks like yours was a blast- we weren't brave enough to do a full turkey!

  6. We just hosted our first Friendsgiving as well and it was SO MUCH FUN!! It looks like y'all had a blast too!! So much food!!!!

  7. I've always wanted to have a Friendsgiving, next year I'm totally organizing one, yours looks like it was just adorable and SO much fun!

  8. It looks like this was a blast!!! Enjoy your time off with your family :)

  9. Awww, your friendsgiving looks like it was so much fun! It's something I always did in college before everyone left for Thanksgiving. I miss it!

  10. It looks like fun! I've really wanted to have one, but couldn't make it happen this year. I'm hoping that maybe we can still throw together something similar for Christmas or maybe the first part of the new year!


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