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Five On Friday: Lilly, Drugs, and a Concussion

Rabbit Rabbit! How in the world is it already November? 2013 is flying.  And I'm kind of okay with that.  On that note, I think this week was one of the fastest in the history of ever. It was also one of the most random in the history of ever.

ONE. Everyone likes an excuse to relax and veg on a couch all day, but I wasn't expecting the excuse I got on Tuesday!  Just before 8am I got a text from my friend aka blonde twin Tallie from a hospital in Pittsburgh.  Turns out on her way to law school in Pittsburgh that morning she got rear ended full speed by an SUV and suffered a concussion!  Thank goodness besides the concussion there weren't any other injuries (unfortunately the same can't be said about her car).  Both our men had exams that day, so I put my nursing genes (thanks, mom!) to work and we spent the day relaxing and NOT sleeping.  I became the queen of keeping her awake!  The really random part?  Somehow during the accident her wallet flew out of the car.  Or at least that's what we hoped.  Basically, somewhere between when she got hit and the hospital it was gone!  We knew it was a long shot, but we decided to drive back to where she got hit (right outside a Pittsburgh tunnel) just to check.  And wouldn't you know? It was right there!! 3 hours since the accident, happily sitting on the side of the road waiting to be taken home.  So lucky.

TWO.  Holy moley. Work on Wednesday.  Let's just say I thought it would be an easy shift since we were really slow.  I went to make sure everything was in order in the women's room before we locked up for the night and walked in on a woman snorting something in the stall with crushed pills all around.  I left to, you know, give her her privacy (what else would you do in this situation?!), and was met by her server who said he had just walked up to her table and she was getting mad at her partner for calling the wrong person to get her "fix."  Awesome.  Stay classy, Monroeville.

THREE.  I wish I could give more details on this, but basically I was given an awesome and exciting opportunity to work on a movie being produced in Pittsburgh.  First off is a sponsored event on 5th Ave in Pittsburgh in December.  I'm so excited to get to get my girly glitzy side out planning something fancy!

FOUR. Dom is meeting with the Dean next week to further discuss transferring.  It's still a long shot, but a little bit of hope is keeping us going! I'm trying not to think too much about maybe being in Sarasota this time next year...but I can't stop thinking about maybe being in Sarasota this time next year.

FIVE. The most amazing thing in the world also happened to me this week.
I just can't.


  1. So scary about your friend. glad to hear she is ok and you found her wallet

    oh good ol Monroeville. It has gotten really bad there! It used to be normal there, I worked at the mall for about 10 years I wont even step foot in there now

  2. That is crazy about the lady in the bathroom! Ahhh, you're right, what do you do in that situation?! Good lawdy.

  3. Phew I'm glad your friend is okay!! Umm the lady in the bathroom....people are crazy. Happy friday!!

  4. YAY for a lilly follow! how perfect for you :)!!!

    happy that you are making the most of your time where you are..crossing fingers for a transfer!!


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