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Five on Friday: Screenshots and Blates!

ONE// The first and most exciting...I got to meet Cari from Adventures of the Roberts on Wednesday!  We met at Station Square in Pittsburgh for lunch and it was so much fun.  Cari is amazing, and Breanna is almost too cute to handle.  The girl isn't even 2 and a half and she's more stylish than I am!  I wanted to steal her...but I resisted. ;)  I'm so happy to have a blogger so close, and I can't wait to see Cari again asap!

TWO// I had my first meeting for the University of Alabama's Distance Student Dietetic Association yesterday, and my nerdy side was so excited.  I can't wait to network and stay involved in a nutrtion related community.  It's hard to be a distance student sometimes, but I love how hard 'Bama tries to make you feel like you really have a community.

THREE// I hurts me to say I haven't seen the CMA awards yet! I'm being the most amazing ever a good girlfriend and waiting until Dom is finished with his exam so we can watch together (awww).  Not going to lie, it killed me!  Even Party Nana texted me how dedicated I must be to not watch it.  But, according to my twitter feed, Carrie's legs stole the show.  Maybe it's a good thing I have 2 extra days to hit the gym before I watch...

FOUR//  W.T.H. For some reason, my phone plays this song every morning at 6am.  Then today it happened at 11:30 too.  I have no alarms set.  I didn't even know I had this song on my phone.  I can actually guarantee I don't have this song on my phone.  I don't know how to make it stop!!!  The only person I know who would have the Hair soundtrack is my brother, and my family has a habit of syncing our phones all the maybe somehow the cloud is trying to wake me up too?  Dom thinks this whole situation is hilarious.  I, for one, think it's really creepy that an unknown subject is singing me good morning when it's still dark out.  I work nights for a reason, people.

FIVE//  I love seeing what people google to get to my blog.  Not only is it amusing, it's also good to know when you should stop blogging about your boyfriend trying to kill you because it's attracting scary people.  Anyways, this week's are just killing me.  "I can't believe Disney is just dumping."  Dumping what?!?! I must know.  The suspense is killing me.  Also, I very much hope Florida Georgia Line googled who would be their perfect girlfriend and found me.  I am more than ready to take that job. Love you Dom.


  1. HAHA I didn't watch all of the CMA's but my god I want to be Carrie Underwood. Hot damn that girl has got it going on. Maybe in my next life :)

    And I'm still waiting on my blate MISSY!! ;)

  2. That is so creepy weird about your phone!! Haha. And now I'm just as curious as to what Disney is dumping...

  3. So glad we finally were able to get together Breanna keeps asking when we are going to see you again

    My searches are boring and I never have anything funny

    I cant believe you have to wait to see them!! Seriously tho her I want her legs lol

  4. HAHA I love seeing what people use to search my blog too!! It's hilarious at times! So jealous of you being able to meet up with Cari! Wish I lived closer so I could have lunch with you pretty ladies!!

  5. I love a fun blate!! I need more :)

    You are a good girlfriend! Did you see what carrie's husband tweeted after the show?!

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. I love the FGL girlfriend one! I'll hop right on that band wagon with ya girlfraan!

  7. The phone thing is super weird! My friend's phone somehow got synched with her Dad's so they now receive all of eachother's text can get a little awkward!

  8. The idea of a blate makes me so nervous!

    I'm so glad you found a blogger close you can hang out with. It's hard to be some place new with no friends.

  9. I love Alabama!! :)

    I do the same thing for my husband when some of our shows are on and he's working, I'll wait for him and we will watch it together the next night he's off. So sweet!

  10. hahaha the song! That is so funny! I have a secret obsession with rap music and during a test I was giving to my students, my phone started playing eminem on embarrassing! But I least I have that song on my phone!

  11. I had a little bit of a panic attack when I saw my twitter name pop up in that picture haha but at least it was for a good reason. Seriously though, major girl crush happening right here.

  12. hahahah I loveee the Florida Georgia line keyword search. I would definitely take that job!

    I hope you had a great weekend gorgeous!


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