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Santa Baby!

I don't know about you, but to me it seems like the minute I go on a budget I immediately find myself surrounded by things I want.  It's like I'm a magnet for cute "totally me" things that leave me sad and suffering from serious FOMO.  Or, in this case, with a very long Christmas wish list.

A little birdy told me that Santa sometimes frequents my blog, so I thought I'd share a few things I'm hoping Santa leaves for me this year!  I mean, I moved to PA and all, so I'd say I've been really good.

In an effort to make our Hunker home as homey as possible, I've started seeking out cute home decor ideas.  I find no matter where I look I'm drawn to bright, Florida-esque things, but I'm going to embrace it!  Shop Dandy has some of the cutest decor that would not only liven up our Pennsylvania home, but also look amazing if we get to head back down south!

I have also made it a conscious effort to stay bright and sunny no matter the temperature outside.  As Lilly said, "No matter the weather, live like it's spring!"  My favorite way to do that is with bright jewelry!  I've always kind of stuck to pearl studs and no necklace, but lately I've been venturing into statement necklace territory and I don't think I'm looking back any time soon!  I have been loving T + J Designs recently, and have my eye on almost all of their necklaces! The pictures are coming out a little dark, but the pieces are so bright and lively...I just love them!

Lastly, Lulu's.  Have I been living under a rock?  I just discovered their site and literally fall in love with everything I look at.  My style is evolving as I'm figuring out how to transfer my summer clothes to winter without sacrificing my love for color and brightness, and I love how versatile their selection is.  One minute I'm planning a layered winter outfit, and the next I see a skirt I just can't wait to wear on our vacation to Puerto Rico!  3 words.  To die for.

Needless to say, I'm excited for December 25. :)  I also want to point out that this is in no way a sponsored post, I just really love all three companies and my entire wishlist is made up almost entirely of these three places (and Lilly, of course ;)).  What are you wishing for this year?!


  1. you need to come out to Robinson and we can go to home goods!!!

  2. Um yeah, Lulu's is AMAZING!! And dangerous, obviously!

  3. If your town has a Home Goods head there. Cute things at reasonable prices!

  4. I love the color blocked dress! Too cute!

  5. pop of color in the middle of winter is a sure way to brighten anyones day! cute finds!

  6. Love that dress from Lulu! I am on the same page! I really can't stop spending money! I do good for about two weeks then just splurge!

  7. I am the exact same. I put myself on a spending freeze and then find 100 things I just HAVE to have. Sigh. Never ending for sure. But yay for the holiday! :)


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