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You Know You're an Adult When... plan couples dates!
Last Friday we planned a dinner with Tallie, her boyfriend, Adam, and another couple we met at the big fiesta last week.  I feel like it used to be my friends plus significant others, or Dom's friends and significant others.  It make me feel so old that Dom and I have actual couple friends.  I love it!

Since going out is a rare occasion here in Hunker, I took the opportunity to get all dolled up.  Even if we're not going anywhere fancy, I always get excited when I can get dressed up.  No, I'm not girly at all!
 I know I complain about living in a small town a lot, but one upside?  The Phillip Lim for Target bag I've been going back and forth on was already on clearance for $20.  I took that as a sign from above and I am thrilled.  It's huge but structured so it still looks put together when I fill it to the brim!

Last minute one couple had to cancel, but we still had an amazing time with Tallie and Adam.  There was a long wait for a table, but this restaurant will text you when your table is ready (how cool?) so of course we went to a pet store and looked at puppies.  Normal, right?
These two almost came home with us.  It took a lot of self control!
Then, it was gigantic margarita time!

The rest of the weekend was filled with studying, assignments, pancake breakfasts and some work.  I was all rested up for my 2 shifts before another 2 days off.  This whole only working part-time thing has it's perks. ;)

Before I go for today I just have to share a picture from my Halloween.  I worked the closing shift, but Dom promised he would set out a bowl of candy for the trick-or-treaters.  In my head, I thought he would put it out on a chair with our cute little Trick-or-treat sign or something.

When I cam home at 11 I saw this.
Way to make the children feel welcome, love.


  1. You're just so pretty!! That is hilarious what Dom did on Halloween!!

  2. Good for you getting that bag on clearance and for looking the bright side of living in Hunker.

  3. That bowl totally cracks me up - that's something my Aaron would do. Or put it in a cereal bowl. You can't help but laugh :-)

    And that couple looks adorable! Glad you're meeting couple friends :-) I wish I could say the same!

  4. haha nice bowl of candy! Well....look at it this way, now you can have it all to yourself!

  5. I love seeing you have fun and making lots of friends in Hunker. If anyone can have a good time in a small time its YOU :) I love huge bags btw, so feel free to snag another clearance one and send it my way!!

    Cracking up at Dom's candy bowl!

  6. Ha! I'm surprised there is still candy in there though... Hilarious.

  7. Love your outfit.

    Hahahaha at the candy bowl. Men ;)

  8. gotta love clearance finds!!

    hilarious what dom did!

  9. Gotta love Target's clearance! I always take it as a sign I need it then...sorry bank account. I love that sweater you wore! And that is hilarious what Dom did - made it so exciting :P

  10. Okay the bag is a major hunker bonus, in the city with 3 targets they have been completely sold out since a few days after they were released. You looked super adorable for your date night!

  11. Hahaha the bowl of candy kills me!

  12. Haha! The bowl of candy! That's such a male thing to do! It still looks full!

  13. LOVE the outfit! And total score on that bag!!!

    Ps: why was there still candy left?!

  14. Looks like a fun date night! My fiance and I went out to dinner on Saturday night and afterwards we went to the pet store too!

    And I love the Halloween candy bowl. Cracked me up!

  15. I can't believe you got that bag on clearance! That is such a great deal! Don't ever buy from a pet store though girl. Most of those poor puppies come from puppy mills. You're much better off to adopt from a shelter!

  16. I love that purse!!! I need to come out to your Target because mine always is sold out of EVERYthing!!!!

    Those puppies are so cute!!!

    LOL @ the candy....totally something Brad would do too

  17. I am so jealous of your bag. I want one so bad.

    I'm a new subscriber. Please take a look at my new blog.


  18. hahaha i love where he placed the candy, my bf would do the same thing.... haha boys...


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