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A Bunch of Random Thoughts

It's a list kind of Monday, so we're just going with that!

* This mug came this weekend, and I don't think its timing could have been better! Yes, it jumped into my bag when I was gift shopping on  I had nothing to do with it. 

* I would totally marry Phil Dunphy.  Is that weird?  If he was a real person, of course. 

* At the restaurant last night someone told me he hates skinny people.  How do you respond to that?

* I am writing this right before the Revenge winter finale and I am FREAKING out.  I have been waiting for this episode for so long!

* I will be in Puerto Rico in 2 weeks and I couldn't be more excited!  I need sun and vitamin D. STAT. 

* My finals are over and it is so exciting.  Except I'm just kind of really tired...but hopefully it will kick in soon. :)

* On Saturday I had my first real world snow day!  Little old people are afraid of driving in the snow (so am I, so no judgements) so I got called off from work since we would probably be really slow.  Hot chocolate and Legally Blonde on TV it was! I guess winter isn't so bad all the time...

*  Don't get too excited, I still wish I were in Florida.

* Sorry this blog post has absolutely 0 value...but I can't seem to stop typing random things.
* I am 95% finished with my Christmas shopping and it really feels amazing.  The only thing I need to do is wrap, which is the most fun part!  My best friend, Felicia, is an actual artist when it comes to wrapping!  My goal is to make mine at least look like someone over the age of 5 wrapped them.  And to schedule a lesson with Felicia for next year. #babysteps

*  Is there such a thing as too much hot chocolate? For real though...I drink a lot of it. 

* My baby fever is reaching new limits this holiday season.  Like, get in my belly.  For real though. 

* I skidded while driving for the first time yesterday!  For once it was a good thing I live in the middle of nowhere.  I was driving down the big hill right by our house, and was all good and started braking at the top but it was like there weren't brakes at all.  I just kept on going right into the street.  Then I had a panic attack and tried to get Dom to drive me to work but he insisted I was fine and so I went.  And I was fine. 


  1. That mug is SO perfect for you!! You can't help it when things jump into your cart... it just happens sometimes! Also, I am totally terrible at wrapping gifts, they always look like a 4 year old did them!

  2. Phil Dunphy - yes, absolutely, I would too. I'm a big fan of the goofy-cute.

    To your skinny-hater encounter - I just got ragey reading that, so I'm not even sure it's legal to type what I'd respond with... Though I need to hear details about this asshole, por favor!

    That mug is adorable and so perfect for you, sweet girl!! :)

  3. Kate Spade items seem to just jump right into my life too :) And Phil - YES! I tell my husband that I hope he's that kind of father all the time. Our favorite line is when he's talking about abbreviations and says WTF - why the face. Happy Monday!

  4. When someone says I hate skinny people just smile and say me too, it will confuse them. :)

  5. Your mug is so adorable and perfect for your new rebranding!

  6. Love the mug!
    It's totally okay to be random.
    That's me 99% of the time! Ha.

  7. Love that mug... and totally jealous about PR. Perhaps you'll escape to GA for a weekend?

  8. This morning on the radio they were having people text in with their experiences with mean people during the holidays. People just get so stressed and rude this time of year. I can't believe someone told you they didn't like skinny people. These random facts were fun.

  9. Give me a baby, too while you are at it. Seriously, the fever is BAD.

  10. Skidding in the snow freaks me out! That's saying a lot since I live in Iowa and have multiple skidding episodes every single winter. Glad nothing happened to you! The fever is getting to me as well..

  11. The guy who plays Phil Dunphy went to Penn State so I obviously full support this decision ;)
    Love that mug! XO

  12. Phil Dunphy would make an awesome husband!! :) I really need to finish my christmas shopping, how is christmas so close now?! Eeek puerto rico is going to be so fun!

  13. I don't know why...maybe it's the list format...but I love reading these posts. hehe What an a hole for saying that. My first thought would be to say something about people who make dumb comments but you probably handled it in a better way. YAY for your new mug! Perfection!

  14. Oh, Phil is real. My husband is so close to Phil Dumfy, it's scary. And he laughs at everything Phil does because he knows he would do the same thing. Every. Time.


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