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In Defense of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

aka one of the few nights of the year there are no arguments over what we're watching on TV!

Now, you probably know that I stay pretty neutral about most things on this blog.  Some people like to be really controversial to get hits, but I prefer to keep my opinions to myself, since I think everyone is entitled to their own.  But, today I'm speaking my mind in defense of the VSFS. 

I am absolutely one of those girls who counts down the days until the show, and almost requested the night of from work so I could watch it, but realized that was a little crazy.  Last year, I posted a status about how excited I was for the "greatest thinspiration" of the year.  Then, I proceeded to be attacked by the few random feminists I went to high school with about how I was so clearly pro-anorexia, and am only furthering the notion that young girls have to be anorexic to be beautiful.  Umm. What?  Apparently loving this show makes you think anorexia is okay and makes you have no heart for the insecure girls who hate themselves because of this show.  I also like to objectify women. At that point I apologized to her for her insecurities, but assured her that my loving the show was perfectly fine and to please get off my Facebook.

Apparently really wanting to see this stunning $10 million bra isn't an actual reason. I must just hate young girls.

I grew up in the dance world, so eating disorders are something I take very seriously, but that accusation is complete crap.  Have you seen these women?!  Yes, they are 5'11, stunning, and tiny.  But they also have abs.  And killer legs.  Did you see the workout segment?  These girls train and exercise like crazy for this show.  Sure, some might go on crash diets which aren't healthy, but the majority watch what they eat and work out like crazy.  Plus, how many athletes carb load before events?  Don't all professionals go to extreme measures for their craft?  If they were simply starving themselves, they would look emaciated, and not have those crazy abs.  They work out all day every day because that is their job.  This show always motivates me to hit the gym, not starve myself. 

I don't mean to come of as insensitive, and I am saddened to think that young girls watch this show and feel bad about themselves.  It is really sad, but they need to know these women are spray tanned supermodels who work out every day because that's what they get paid to do!  If I got paid to workout every day I could have that body too!  Well...if I grew 7 inches over night.  Will I ever have that body? Probably not.  I am too thin, not at all toned, with ribs showing and cellulite that just won't go away.

But that's ok!  When I watch the Olympics I don't hate myself because I can't ice skate like they can, or swim as quickly.  They are at the top of their field, and the VS Angels are at the top of theirs.  Not looking like an Angel doesn't make you not beautiful!  Yes, some girls might get down on themselves, but that is the nature of this media driven world.  It is up to them to recognize their individual beauty, and not see a supermodel and think that's what they have to look like.  

I see this show as a night to watch the most stunning, confident women on the planet rock some incredible outfits with great hair on the sparkliest runway ever.  It's fun, it's glamorous, and it gets me motivated to go to the gym.  To me it is a win all around!

Now, to lighten the mood, here are some of my favorite looks from last night!

I basically really like white.  Also, am I the only one that got super excited when she recognized the Lilly model? Not exactly what I'm used to seeing her wear! ;)

At the end of the night I went to bed happy.  I had as much fun watching the show as I do each year (although I wish they'd bring back the huge wings a la Heidi Klum), I still loved myself, eating, and had a new drive to work out.  I hope you all went to sleep feeling the same way, whether or not you watched the show!


  1. amen! i totally agree - watched all of it, loved it, loved all of them. and still love me :)

  2. well said lady! :)

    I loved that first white outfit!!! Probably my favorite! That and then there was one in the London section (navy sequins jacket with red bra and panties) LOVED! :)

  3. What a great post. I watched off and on the past few years and wish I looked like the ladies, but not in an unhealthy way.

    I like your comparison to dancers and athletes. It's true, these girls work really hard to look as good as they do. Are some a bit too skinny, yes, but the main girls are FIT and hot!

    well said!

  4. Love this post! Once people realize that these ladies literally work out 6 hours a day, are sprayed, and have professionals doing their hair and make is impossible for just the average girl to look like them! However, these bras, so cute! Who wouldn't want to watch a show with beautiful women and adorable lingerie!

  5. I have to agree! The show is all and good fun and those women earned their gorgeous bodies. People need to stop being bitter.

  6. Just YES to all of this. They TRAIN for this show just like Micheal Phelps trained for the Olympics and so on.. AMAZING post!

  7. i totally agree! this show is one of my favorite nights of the year... always has been, always will be! for me it's more of a fantasy thing and not a reality. i know that i will never look like them and i don't necessarily WANT to! thanks for standing up for the show :)

  8. I am with ya on this, girl!! If you look at any high-end fashion show, the girls are soooo skinny and look unhealthy. These VS Angels, on the other hand, obviously workout! You don't get killer legs and abs like that without living an active lifestyle. I admire these women because they do work hard, and along with that, they have to nourish their bodies as well. Thanks for boldly defending the show! I don't think admiring these women is something to be ashamed of and I am glad you voiced your opinion.
    Amanda @ Paving the Rugged Path

  9. I totally agree!! I always look forward to that show every year!

  10. Well said. I totally agree! I love the VS fashion show:)

  11. I'm completely with you on this. I hate the perception that being supermodel thin means being anorexic...just because it isn't attainable for the everyday woman with a job and a life doesn't mean it is unhealthy. Of course they're teeny tiny it is their genetic disposition (which we won't all have, oh well) and the fact that they're paid to work out and look like...Victoria's Secret angels!

  12. Well said. I remind myself all the time that these women are paid to look that amazing and that's what they spend their time doing. I spend my time drinking coffee and crunching numbers and I'm OK with that (but I could probably head to the gym more often.) I'm glad you posted this :)

  13. I watched the VSFS with a glass (read: bottle) of wine and a bag of m&ms lol! I love watching it! It is the best thinspiration! They always do such a good job with the music, performers and themes too. It is just such a fun thing to watch! There are always people out there looking to attack what you say. If you had said you weren't looking forward to it, you would get an equally infuriating reaction!

  14. Preach! I find the show inspiring and I'm not one to ever miss a meal! Personally it makes me want to exercise more, not eat less :)

  15. Preach! I find the show inspiring and I'm not one to ever miss a meal! Personally it makes me want to exercise more, not eat less :)

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  17. I think perception of beauty advertised by the industry is too narrow, which is the problem people have with it. I think that is a totally different issue on its own that industry people are at least trying (or pretending to try) by setting standard of age, hours and such, nonetheless it is still big problem for young girls who are unformed about the reality of the industry to be exposed to such perceptions.

    I do agree that these models are meant to be inspirations, not reality and parents and mentors need to inform their kids and mentee about the issues.

    Those girls on your facebook were out of line and disrespectful and the reason why feminism has a bad reputation in the us.

    Anyways, enough of rambling. It was pleasure to read this post.


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