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Family and Cocktails: A Vacation for the Books

When I got back from Puerto Rico I jumped right into all the engagement talk, but I didn't get a chance to write about the first part of our vacation and New Year's Eve!

The first few days of the vacation were really fun because Dom and I had a chance to spend time with just his parents.  Usually when we see them we're stopping by for a few hours before we fly off somewhere else, so it was rare and awesome!

Soon after arriving we found our favorite restaurant in Old San Juan, Aquaviva.  The food was incredible (we went again New Year's Day with Dom's brother and his girlfriend when they arrived), and the drinks were even better.  Dom's mom and I had these coconut martinis that basically tasted like pina coladas, martini style...but better.  The men enjoyed oyester shooters while we watched. :)

The next day, in between sunning and tanning, we headed to the Cathedral of Rum...aka the Bacardi Factory!  Any excuse to day drink rum is fine by me.  It was also really cool to see how it is made, and all the different flavors they have.  Unfortunately I couldn't try them all, but between the 4 of us we did alright!

We also had an amazing time exploring Old San Juan.  If you've read this blog for more than .2 seconds, you know that I absolutely love color.  The streets of Old San Juan are literally flooded with color, and I have about a million pictures of each street.  Just when I thought I found the brightest one, I turned the corner and found another.  Those streets are definitely my happy place!
Fortress of El Morro
Inside the lookout!  My brother and I have many pictures in these growing up!

Our New Year's Eve was really low key and perfect.  After dinner we stayed at the hotel, made our own drinks and sat outside by the pool and talked!  To me there really isn't anything better than being by the water with a cocktail and spending quality time with the people you love!  Plus, there's a lot to be said for just relaxing.  Not rushing anywhere, just being.

 Thankfully we started to rush a little, and made it inside for the countdown...which was also exactly when the downpour started!

We started 2014 getting as much sun as possible, then picked up Dom's brother and his girlfriend who flew in for the weekend! That meant more food, more drinks, more family time (and now they're officially family-to-be!) Yay!
Those Marino genes are mighty fine if you ask me!
We brought them back to Aquaviva in Old San Juan for dinner, and then we walked around, saw a parade, and waited forever in line for some delicious melt in your mouth churros.  Those turned out to be not the best decision...oops! ;)

The next day we found my parents and drove over to our house on the other side of the island, and you all know what happened next! :)

After this vacation I'm not sure how it's going to be possible to vacation any other way.  While family vacations make some people groan, I don't think I could pick any people I would rather be with! 


  1. You need to frame those pictures! Beautiful!

  2. I am having terrible pings of jealousy from those pictures. I want to go, like yesterday. Surely we can get enough bloggers together to rent out their place and enjoy a week of just pure perfection. YAY for family time and ending all the fun with a perfect engagement. Happy Friday pretty lady!

  3. San Juan is beautiful!! How could you not be happy looking at that every day?! I'm so glad you had the best vacation ever!!!! :)

  4. sounds like seriously the best vacation ever!

  5. The colors of those buildings, wow! I love taking vacations with the whole family, it gives you the chance to reconnect!

  6. I love aquaviva!! The owners of it have another restaurant, the parrot club, and it's also really good. Old San Juan is amazing!!

  7. Ugh give me your life. It's all so perf! I'm so happy you had THE BEST trip!!!

  8. You always go on the BEST and Most Gorgeous Adventures. Love it!!!

    I mentioned you in my blog this morning. :) Enjoy!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  9. I LOVE Puerto Rico! Funny story, we got engaged on the trip where we went to Puerto Rico too!


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