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"I Can't Believe..." long it's been since I did an "I Can't Believe" post!

...that I'm moving back to Florida in about 87 days seems like only a few months ago I was writing an "I can't believe" post about moving up to Pennsylvania

...I will be getting married in 527 days!

...that I'm finally getting married :)'s STILL cold and snowy up here!! The few days of warmth followed by the few days of sunshine gave me spring fever like whoa.  Talk about a rude awakening! crazy love for my Simplified Planner.  I've loved planners in the past, but this is a whole new ball game!

...that I am just discovering the incredible magic of Angry Orchard and Fireball.

...I might actually go to the gym today.  Don't get too excited, it's still a might. awesome I feel when I eat healthy fruit and protein packed breakfasts.  It's crazy what a difference it makes!

...that I'm up early on my day off (thanks to needing to move my car for Dom), but I'm so ready to tackle my crazy to do list!

...I'm 2 if not 3 episodes behind on the Bachelor.  After I pound out my to-do list?  Wine and Juan Pablo.  Please and thank you. ;)


  1. I just ordered one of those planners!!! I.CAN'T.WAIT!!! This has seriously upped my love for planners, office supplies, etc!!

    Hope your move back to,FL is smooth! I'm a FL girl myself, so "WELCOME HOME!!"

  2. Angry Balls!!! Drink at your own risk... ;)

    I can't believe you move back to Florida so soon and there's a (teeny tiny maybe?) chance I get to hug you in the process! Mwwwwaaaah! So happy for y'all I can hardly stand it!

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  4. So excited you're moving closer to me again! WOO!! and I love this prompt… I may need to steal this next week.

  5. So happy for you that you are moving back to Florida and a wine and reality tv binge is a great day off activity!

  6. Angry orchard is my fave, so I'm dying to try an angry ball!!!

    Can't believe you guys are heading back to Florida. What a whirlwind!!!

  7. The Bachelor gets interesting! hope you catch up soon.

  8. I loved when this was a link up!! I'm so happy for you guys that you get to go back to Florida! Winter seriously needs to end here!

    Angry balls - I'm so intrigued Alexa!!

  9. EEP! I can't believe posts....the true way I got into the whole blogging thing!!! Super tbt, love it! And the fact you are getting back to florida!!

  10. This winter is never going to end!

  11. I'm so excited for you that you get to head back to the sunshine. I can't believe your time in the northland was spent during the winter - crazy how things work sometimes. Congrats!!

  12. Ugh having to get up when your husband does SUCKS... Especially when it's 5:15am. Like I WANT TO SLEEP IN! My alarm usually doesn't go off for work until 7 bit lately I just can't fall back asleep once he's up and gone! I'm so excited you're getting married!!!! I still can't believe it's all happening, yaaayy!!

  13. Hi Robin!

    So happy I came across your cute blog! I am a south Floridian (3 generation native) and see that you're moving back to FL! woohoo! I lived in Chicago for about a year with my husband(then boyfriend) and well, we are back! haha Couldn't do the cold weather! What can I say, I am a FL girl and need that sun and salt water... Anyways - just wanted to say HI as your newest follower. I hope you'll come over to my little blog and follow along with me and my family. (hope you can teach me some of your dietician ways! I am looking into studying holistic health soon.)


    The McGuire Family

  14. So lame that you are moving back to Florida and not taking me with you!!! :( I need more sunshine and Robin in my life!!


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