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I said "Yes!" to the dress!

I might not be getting married for another 528 days, but last weekend I said "yes" to the dress!  I feel like this goes without saying, but I want to make it very clear that my dress is not the one I'm wearing in this picture!  It was actually on the opposite side of the room. ;)

I first laid eyes on my dress a few weekends ago when I was in NY looking at venues.  We had an appointment at a bridal shop in Saratoga on Saturday, but Friday we were walking downtown and my mother-in-law remembered that a salon was going out of business and having a crazy sale.  We decided to stop in just to see!  We forgot that a family friend of Dom's who we went to Hawaii with a few years ago worked there, and I was welcomed by a loud scream and lots of hugs and excitement!

Since it was a huge sale, all dresses had to be purchased of the rack, so finding a wedding dress in a bridal size 2 was not possible, but we figured we would have fun and play a little dress up!  Tina put a veil in my hair while I was still wearing my street clothes and both my mom and Dom's mom started crying!! I didn't even have a dress on!  We knew then it would be a fun day. ;)

I tried on a few dresses that I liked, and the consultant I was working with showed me a dress, but it wasn't really my style so I said no and kept looking.  Right before I left Tina told me brides always choose the dress they don't expect, so I figured what the heck, and tried it on!

Once I came out and saw it on (and very clipped to make it look like it fit) I started to get my bridal tingle!  It wasn't a crazy "This is it!!!" moment, but more of an "oh my gosh, this could really be it" tingle. ;)  With one alteration it would literally have everything I hoped for!  Since I couldn't order it from the shop I took down the designer and hoped I could find something like it.

Lo and behold, the designer was going to have a trunk show in a few Greensburg, PA!  Who on earth comes to Greensburg, PA?!  It must have been a sign!

So, my mom and mother-in-law came down for the weekend, we grabbed Tallie and went!  Immediately when I walked in I saw it and said "Oh, there's my dress!" You would think that would be enough of a sign, but there were so many gorgeous dresses around! 
The consultant stripped the mannequin right away...I couldn't have another bride hoarding it in their room! ;)
We picked about 8 other dresses and brought them in the fluffing room, as I call it!  I tried them all on but there was something not quite right about each and every one.  I saved it for last and when I put it on I just got a wave of contentment.  Yep, it was the one!  I put on a veil, Mama played my processional song on her phone and I practiced walking circles around the pedestal.  Then I knew it was really the one!  The mom's cried, I never wanted to take it off, and still miss it everyday!  I cannot wait to see it altered...and show you all next summer! :)
Love Always Nancy J


  1. Hooray, hooray, hooray!

    My dress was not what I had originally pictured myself wearing, but it wound up being a million times more perfect for me :)

  2. so so so exciting...did you go to MB Bride? Thats where I got my dress from

    I cant wait to see how gorgeous you are going to look!!!

  3. But I just want to know nowwww!

  4. So exciting!! My "yes to the dress" moment was similar - not a huge over the top deal, but more of a certainty. Congrats to you!

  5. A trunk show, in Greensburg? You're right, it was a sign! Can't wait to see the dress you chose - based on your venue, I can only imagine!

  6. Why did I just get teary-eyed reading this at work?! Such a mess. I'm so excited for you!!!!!!! The suspense is already killing me, and now I have to wait 528 days? Some nerve you have! ;)

  7. Isn't it the best feeling in the world!!!!! I had a horrible experience at my first stop, but the second one was perfect. They pulled my dress out of a closet and as soon as I saw it I knew it was THE ONE!!!!

    I can't wait to see yours!

  8. Ahh!!! This is the best feeling in the world! I remember that I bought my dress when my wedding was more than a year away and everything fell into place from there :) Love following your journey with you! XO

  9. Yay!! I think the biggest sign that it's the right one is that you never want to take it off and you think about it after you had to take it off. Can't wait to see it, I'm sure you will look gorgeous!

  10. Visiting from the linkup! I'm so excited for you and your beautiful dress!! I can only imagine how real everything must feel now! I just started the planning process and I cannot wait to get to the dress shopping bit!

  11. I can't wait to see what you picked!!! You're going to be such a gorgeous bride!

  12. That's so exciting!! Choosing your wedding dress is such a special moment - you know you're going to be daydreaming about that dress for months now, right?!

  13. That is so exciting!!!! Congrats!!! :) Just yesterday I went in to get measured for my first bridesmaid's fitting where my friend found her wedding dress and it was surreal to think she got it there! haha

  14. Yeeee!! This is just so exciting! So happy for you, you are literally going to be the most flawless fairytale bride!

  15. It will work great for my evening out. I will most definitely order from this company again. The dress was a tad small, so I ordered a size up. But other than that, this dress is a winner. It is so pretty and classy.
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  16. So exciting!! Congrats!!

    My wedding dress was the one I would have NEVER tried on. The consultant showed it to me and I said "nah not my style at all" then on a whim tried it on anyway and loved it.


  17. Congrats on finding a dress!! That is so amazing... and it is so true that you may end up getting something that you never imagined. I swore I wanted a lace, A-line dress for my wedding... and I ended up with a satin ball gown. I didn't even want to try the dress on, but as soon as I had it on I was in tears and KNEW it was the one!

  18. :) :) :) :) Soooo happy you found the dress! The one I picked was never what I thought I'd pick either!


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