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I Can't Believe...

I Can't Believe...

...that literally 2 days after I switched my domain (after owning it for a few months and never getting around to it) I get an alert that became avaliable!  So in case you didn't notice, we moved again!  It's now, and hopefully soon I'll have everything forwarding correctly. :) many hours of Criminal Minds I can watch.  I swear it's impossible for me to get sick of that show.

...while we're on that note, I can't believe how much hotness is stuffed into Shemar Moore.  He is not human!

...Syracuse basketball.  Enough said.

...after begging and convincing Dom to make his very first bracket, he's winning! Granted, he has Duke in his final game so he won't be earning any more points soon.  But, still!

...I still haven't seen Frozen.  Who am I?!

...There's a chance I will get to see Erin and Kayla in both April AND May!  Is this real life?!

...It's supposed to snow this week.  I realize everyone is sick of hearing everyone complain...but I'm really, really sad. 

...Lilly came out with an exclusive Breakers print that will be specially available at The Breakers at the end of April.  I must own this!!

...I go home tomorrow or Thursday! Yay! :)


Outlets Are Very Dangerous Places.

Dom has already made a rule that I am not allowed to go grocery shopping hungry, and I definitely can't go to Whole Foods unattended.

I think the same rule is about to be made for outlet malls.
Seriously...they steal your money.

This weekend I actually had the whole weekend off, and on Sunday I drove to Grove City, PA for a day of outlet shopping with one of my best friends from college, Kristine! It was so much fun to catch up, hear some hilarious stories, and have a whole afternoon of uninterrupted girl talk!  We also had some of the best Bacon Bloody Marys known to man.  I might still be fantasizing about them. ;)

I was very good at staying controlled in the beginning...but it's all fun and games until you spot J. Crew.  This precious tee might have jumped into my bag by itself immediately upon arrival.

Hopefully, I can style it half as cute as she does!  Rumor has it from Hallie that there will be an outlet mall really close to me down in Florida.  I've never had one close and I have a feeling it will be a very, very dangerous!


I Can't Wait For Summer Because...

This could be a really long post!  I absolutely love everything summer, and can't wait to have pretty temps all year long!

I can't wait for summer because...

I love being on the water more than anything.  Oceans, lakes, rivers, just put me on a boat or by the water and I'm a happy girl!

Sitting outside drinking cocktails is another favorite.  Bonus points if the bar is right by the water.

I swear I don't only enjoy drinking outside.  Sometimes I eat too! (let's not talk about that hat...)

Drinks and live music?  While outside?  Do you sense a pattern here?  If no live music is available, Jimmy Buffet pandora is about as close to perfection as you can get.

Country concerts.  Enough said.

Sundress and sun hats.

There's no better way to spend the day than lined up on the sand!

Last but not least, I can't wait for summer because every Saturday morning we can go to the Fresh Market down by the water and buy as much fresh fruits and vegetables as we can hold.  Along with some sweets, cheeses, wine, etc...all while listening to live music, of course!

In case you couldn't tell...I really really can't wait for summer!  What are you most excited for?

Helene In Between


Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses!

 Bridesmaid dresses for Felicia's wedding!

Hopefully next weekend I'll be headed home for a few days, and I'll get to go look at bridesmaid dresses with 3 of my bridesmaids!  I think this will be the most maids together at once until my bridal shower and I'm so excited.  I can't wait to see them try on dresses! 

I've been thinking about bridesmaid dresses for so long, and know what color I want, but I'm not set in stone about the style. You see, I always loved this style dress and assumed it's what I would want

I think it's elegant and so flattering.  However, I hear that people with boobs aren't crazy about strapless.  Is this true?! I have exactly 0 boob so I don't know these things!

This is another style I absolutely love.  However, I don't know how great this would look in a darker color.  I think it's stunning in this pink, but I'm hoping for a darker blue and don't know if the flowers would look weird?

But then, I saw these...
...and fell in love.  I wouldn't use this color, but I think the style is stunning and so flattering!  It will give a little coverage for my bridesmaids with boobs and still has a gorgeous shape! 

For the color I want a royal blue that really pops!  We all know I love color, so I really want a color that wows, but isn't dated.  I want to look back at my wedding and not cringe!

I'm thinking a color like this, but a little more vibrant. There are so many options and if I'm being honest, my bridesmaids are literally stunning, so I know I can't go wrong!

Which dresses do you like best? Do you have any tips on picking dresses that flatter everyone?  I'm just going to come out and let you know now that I am absolutely having matching bridesmaid dresses.  I might be a bridezilla, but I'm not budging on that. ;)


Cheese, Charlottle, and so many carbs.

You know this is the first thing you turn to in every issue of cosmo!  Now, thanks to Erin, we can all play celebrity for the day!


Life Updates!

*As our moving day grows closer, we're starting to get a little crazy with our Florida excitement!  This week Party Nana sent us a box of fresh grapefruit from Florida!  Just having those big balls of Florida in our house seem to make it just a little warmer. :)

*On that note, can we talk about the fact that it's supposed to snow again tonight?!  Seriously, Spring...hurry on up!

*Next week is my Spring Break, and the thought of an entire week with no assignments due is actually making me more excited for any Spring Break I've ever had.  I just completed my 11 page portion of our surprise group project for one of my classes (yes, distance students have group projects and it's just as awful as you might imagine).  I'm so excited to have it finished and get to breathe a little bit!  The end of the semester is in sight and I couldn't be more relieved.  We did, however, manage to get out a little this weekend to celebrate St. Patty's day.  Or, if you're us, went out for a quick dinner and massive drink before going home to more work!  It's a wild life we lead...

*As excited as we are to move back down south, I'm starting to realize how sad I will be to leave my PA friends!  It might be a cold and snowy place, but Southwestern PA sure has some awesome people.  As my friendships get closer it bums me out more and more that I'll have to say goodbye!  Wouldn't it be nice if you could bring everyone you love with you when you move?

*Dom and my engagement announcement was in the local paper this weekend!  As if that weren't exciting enough, my best friend Felicia who got married last summer had her announcement in this weekend's paper too!  She had thought that it was too late, but after learning she had up to a year her MIL put it in and without knowing we picked the same day!  It was so fun to see both of our happy news on the same page! <3

*Some bloggy business- you might have noticed that my domain is FINALLY changed!  I'm now officially  I was so nervous to switch my domain after failed attempts in the past, but Ashley has an entire series about simply rebranding your blog and it is amazing.  She made it so easy!  Unfortunately, Facebook does not like you changing your page name if you have over 200 likes so I had to make a new page!  At the moment I am writing this I have exactly 0 likes on my new I would love it if you would "like" it!  Hopefully I can at least convince my mother and Dom to like it too. ;)

Like "Living Colorfully" On Facebook here! :)

*Last but not least...I'm off from work this weekend and hopefully next weekend too! Is this real life? :)

Happy Monday!
(I think only people who work in restaurants think that the words "happy" and "Monday" belong together...)


Bloggy Birthday!

I wasn't planning to post today, since my metabolism midterm is in a few hours.

But then I looked at my phone and saw it was March 14th... my blog's 2nd birthday!
I wish I had something of more substance to write about today, but I couldn't not post anything.  Lately my blog has taken the back burner to school (let's be honest...everything has taken the back burner to school) but it is still my favorite hobby and my little happy place of the internet.  Hopefully when I'm a sane human and only taking 15 credits I'll be able to put my heart and soul back into this little place!  Not to mention, life will be way more exciting in Florida!

This blog has been such a fun way to document all our recent life changes.  The moves to and from Florida, Dom's medical school journey, my nutrition career change, and the wedding!  I hope to continue filling this white box with colorful memories of Dom and my little family for years to come!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sunshine State of Mind The Sunshine Diary  Living Colorfully!


Engagement Pictures!

I'm surfacing from my second round of midterms cave for Wedding Wednesday!  I couldn't possibly miss two weeks in a row. ;)  I love that now I'm working only 3 days a week so I can focus on school and get back into the swing of blogging.  Unfortunately, I cut my hours right when midterms hit so I still haven't been on here enough! Just give me another week or so and life will be dandy. :)

As I said previously, we got our engagement pictures taken within 24 hours of being engaged.  I love how happy and excited we look in all of them!  It's taking a lot of self control not to post them all...but here are some favorites!

All photos from Vanessa Vargas Photography

Love Always Nancy J


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