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Bloggy Birthday!

I wasn't planning to post today, since my metabolism midterm is in a few hours.

But then I looked at my phone and saw it was March 14th... my blog's 2nd birthday!
I wish I had something of more substance to write about today, but I couldn't not post anything.  Lately my blog has taken the back burner to school (let's be honest...everything has taken the back burner to school) but it is still my favorite hobby and my little happy place of the internet.  Hopefully when I'm a sane human and only taking 15 credits I'll be able to put my heart and soul back into this little place!  Not to mention, life will be way more exciting in Florida!

This blog has been such a fun way to document all our recent life changes.  The moves to and from Florida, Dom's medical school journey, my nutrition career change, and the wedding!  I hope to continue filling this white box with colorful memories of Dom and my little family for years to come!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sunshine State of Mind The Sunshine Diary  Living Colorfully!


  1. Yay! Happy Bloggy birthday! My blog birthday last year went by unnoticed, and I felt a little bad. But it was right after starting a new job, and right before our wedding, and things were a bit on the crazy side!

  2. A very merry birthday!!!!! Keep on trucking with those midterms!

  3. Happy Birthday to your blog!!! Happy friday too =)

  4. So many exciting things coming up for y'all!!!! Happy blog birthday!! :)

  5. Good luck on your test girl and happy bloggy birthday!

  6. Yikes! Good luck on your midterm - those aren't fun! But I KNOW you'll kill it -- in a good way ;) happy birthday to your blog, love!!

  7. Happy Blogging Birthday! I am always so happy that I found your blog. Your blog inspires me to write more about my life on the blog.


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