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I Can't Believe...

I Can't Believe...

...that literally 2 days after I switched my domain (after owning it for a few months and never getting around to it) I get an alert that became avaliable!  So in case you didn't notice, we moved again!  It's now, and hopefully soon I'll have everything forwarding correctly. :) many hours of Criminal Minds I can watch.  I swear it's impossible for me to get sick of that show.

...while we're on that note, I can't believe how much hotness is stuffed into Shemar Moore.  He is not human!

...Syracuse basketball.  Enough said.

...after begging and convincing Dom to make his very first bracket, he's winning! Granted, he has Duke in his final game so he won't be earning any more points soon.  But, still!

...I still haven't seen Frozen.  Who am I?!

...There's a chance I will get to see Erin and Kayla in both April AND May!  Is this real life?!

...It's supposed to snow this week.  I realize everyone is sick of hearing everyone complain...but I'm really, really sad. 

...Lilly came out with an exclusive Breakers print that will be specially available at The Breakers at the end of April.  I must own this!!

...I go home tomorrow or Thursday! Yay! :)


  1. If you are still a crazy person and haven't watched Frozen when you come over.... we're watching it :) It will change your life :)

  2. I still haven't seen Frozen yet either!! I went to go rent it Friday & they were all sold out! Oh, & I can't get enough of Criminal Minds either!!!

  3. 1. Frozen is SO cute, you will love it.
    2. It was snowing this morning on my way to work. I about flat out died.
    3. I am SO jealous of you being able to meet up with Erin and Kayla!!

  4. Okay I agree with everyone, Frozen is SO cute but not better than the lion king (as some have claimed) and not cuter than tangled. Sorry for the rant, just gotta defend my faves.

  5. How do you switch your domain without losing any followers? I'm struggling to go through this right now and I'm so confused!

  6. You definitely 100% much watch Frozen! It's too cute!

  7. I can watch hours and hours of Criminal Minds and love Spencer & Morgan!! I also need to watch Frozen, like yesterday!!

  8. I've never seen Frozen either! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I absolutely love Criminal Minds... it's one of my oldest show obsessions!


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