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I Can't Wait For Summer Because...

This could be a really long post!  I absolutely love everything summer, and can't wait to have pretty temps all year long!

I can't wait for summer because...

I love being on the water more than anything.  Oceans, lakes, rivers, just put me on a boat or by the water and I'm a happy girl!

Sitting outside drinking cocktails is another favorite.  Bonus points if the bar is right by the water.

I swear I don't only enjoy drinking outside.  Sometimes I eat too! (let's not talk about that hat...)

Drinks and live music?  While outside?  Do you sense a pattern here?  If no live music is available, Jimmy Buffet pandora is about as close to perfection as you can get.

Country concerts.  Enough said.

Sundress and sun hats.

There's no better way to spend the day than lined up on the sand!

Last but not least, I can't wait for summer because every Saturday morning we can go to the Fresh Market down by the water and buy as much fresh fruits and vegetables as we can hold.  Along with some sweets, cheeses, wine, etc...all while listening to live music, of course!

In case you couldn't tell...I really really can't wait for summer!  What are you most excited for?

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  1. Summer cannot come soon enough! Visiting the lakes and bbq's are some of the best things about summer!

  2. HOORAY for Summer! Although I'm just as excited about Spring right now too :) I cannot wait to get these pale legs in the sunshine and just enjoy the outdoors!!

  3. I need summer now!!!! This post makes me want to pack up and move to the beach...this winter has been rough!

  4. This makes me want to pack up and move to florida! Having great temps all year round sounds heavenly after this winter!

  5. AMEN!!! I think we might be summer soul sisters. I am all about being by the water, with a good drink, some good food and amazing music! Can't wait for all of those fun things to be here!!

  6. I'm terrified for southern summers. I think I need to invest in a pool and a lot of hair ties. Because I'm pretty sure this curly mane only as one 'do in the summer.. up!


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