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Life Updates!

*As our moving day grows closer, we're starting to get a little crazy with our Florida excitement!  This week Party Nana sent us a box of fresh grapefruit from Florida!  Just having those big balls of Florida in our house seem to make it just a little warmer. :)

*On that note, can we talk about the fact that it's supposed to snow again tonight?!  Seriously, Spring...hurry on up!

*Next week is my Spring Break, and the thought of an entire week with no assignments due is actually making me more excited for any Spring Break I've ever had.  I just completed my 11 page portion of our surprise group project for one of my classes (yes, distance students have group projects and it's just as awful as you might imagine).  I'm so excited to have it finished and get to breathe a little bit!  The end of the semester is in sight and I couldn't be more relieved.  We did, however, manage to get out a little this weekend to celebrate St. Patty's day.  Or, if you're us, went out for a quick dinner and massive drink before going home to more work!  It's a wild life we lead...

*As excited as we are to move back down south, I'm starting to realize how sad I will be to leave my PA friends!  It might be a cold and snowy place, but Southwestern PA sure has some awesome people.  As my friendships get closer it bums me out more and more that I'll have to say goodbye!  Wouldn't it be nice if you could bring everyone you love with you when you move?

*Dom and my engagement announcement was in the local paper this weekend!  As if that weren't exciting enough, my best friend Felicia who got married last summer had her announcement in this weekend's paper too!  She had thought that it was too late, but after learning she had up to a year her MIL put it in and without knowing we picked the same day!  It was so fun to see both of our happy news on the same page! <3

*Some bloggy business- you might have noticed that my domain is FINALLY changed!  I'm now officially  I was so nervous to switch my domain after failed attempts in the past, but Ashley has an entire series about simply rebranding your blog and it is amazing.  She made it so easy!  Unfortunately, Facebook does not like you changing your page name if you have over 200 likes so I had to make a new page!  At the moment I am writing this I have exactly 0 likes on my new I would love it if you would "like" it!  Hopefully I can at least convince my mother and Dom to like it too. ;)

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*Last but not least...I'm off from work this weekend and hopefully next weekend too! Is this real life? :)

Happy Monday!
(I think only people who work in restaurants think that the words "happy" and "Monday" belong together...)


  1. I'm glad you could take a break from school and have some fun! Especially with your PA friends before you leave!! :)

  2. Woo hoo for spring break!! And those online group projects are AWFUL.

  3. Now get your butt here to the balmy Cincinnati for your spring break!!!! :)

    HOW FUN that you and Felicia both had your announcements in the same day?! Love it!!! :)

  4. Ahh I love your nail polish in your fabulous drink photo! Care to share what color it is? I normally hate it when people comment with questions like this, but I REALLY like the polish! haha :)

  5. Hey boo! Just so you know, your current navigation links (like home and about) from this post are going to so its an error page. There maybe be a few more broken links about. Just in case you haven't seen them! But I love the new blog name and everything! Super wonderful! Keep it up!

  6. First of all, I love your blog! :) Secondly, I recently applied and was accepted to the University of Alabama online food and nutrition program! I'm hoping to start this summer! How do you like it so far?!

  7. Haha totally understand the happy Monday thing! I used to work Wednesday-Sunday at the restaurant ... and now I do the same schedule at the security company. Also, I think I might jump in your suitcase and go to FL because it just snowed here alllll night.

  8. Happy almost spring break!! Oh how I miss spring break!

  9. YAY for moving back to FL! So happy for you guys :)

    And I've thought about rebranding SO many times and just am terrified to do it and have anxiety about the thought of starting over. Maybe one day..

  10. Happy happy happy life updates! I am so glad you're moving back to Florida, I just can't imagine you anywhere else, you have such a sunshiney (colorful) personality!

  11. Ugh, that project? The worst. i reallllllly hate group projects online and this one has been particularly painful. We have on person who has done all of our forms are just missing day 7. I will be SO GLAD to put that thing in the mail on Wednesday! Hope you enjoy your little spring break free of homework!

  12. I am a Florida blogger too! Jen from JVKom Chronicles sent me your way! We have been blog friends and she said to check you out since you will be in my area.

  13. I have had your old url booked marked and I just wanted to let you know that for the past few weeks I have been getting an error when I went to your old url so I thought your blog disappeared. Glad I found it again!


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