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Outlets Are Very Dangerous Places.

Dom has already made a rule that I am not allowed to go grocery shopping hungry, and I definitely can't go to Whole Foods unattended.

I think the same rule is about to be made for outlet malls.
Seriously...they steal your money.

This weekend I actually had the whole weekend off, and on Sunday I drove to Grove City, PA for a day of outlet shopping with one of my best friends from college, Kristine! It was so much fun to catch up, hear some hilarious stories, and have a whole afternoon of uninterrupted girl talk!  We also had some of the best Bacon Bloody Marys known to man.  I might still be fantasizing about them. ;)

I was very good at staying controlled in the beginning...but it's all fun and games until you spot J. Crew.  This precious tee might have jumped into my bag by itself immediately upon arrival.

Hopefully, I can style it half as cute as she does!  Rumor has it from Hallie that there will be an outlet mall really close to me down in Florida.  I've never had one close and I have a feeling it will be a very, very dangerous!


  1. So cute! And there is one 5 minutes from my parents house in ohio and it's so dangerous. Yet so beautiful...

  2. I had to drive past that outlet mall everyday on my way to work at my last job. Holy moly- talk about temptation!

  3. Outlets are dangerously amazing. Now get down here and come to ours with meee! :)

  4. Unfortunately I live super close to the Philly premium outlets & not too far from Lancaster... It is deadly! Outlets may be the death of me!

  5. Yes there will be an outlet mall very close to you! I might have to join you when I visit!

  6. so cute! we have outlets like 20 min from our house! Its a dangerous place for me too

  7. Haha "It's all fun and games until you spot J. Crew." is actually one of the most relatable things I've ever heard :) You're not alone with an outlet addiction!

  8. I saw this shirt the other day at J.Crew and loved it, kind of sad I didn't get it!


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