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Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses!

 Bridesmaid dresses for Felicia's wedding!

Hopefully next weekend I'll be headed home for a few days, and I'll get to go look at bridesmaid dresses with 3 of my bridesmaids!  I think this will be the most maids together at once until my bridal shower and I'm so excited.  I can't wait to see them try on dresses! 

I've been thinking about bridesmaid dresses for so long, and know what color I want, but I'm not set in stone about the style. You see, I always loved this style dress and assumed it's what I would want

I think it's elegant and so flattering.  However, I hear that people with boobs aren't crazy about strapless.  Is this true?! I have exactly 0 boob so I don't know these things!

This is another style I absolutely love.  However, I don't know how great this would look in a darker color.  I think it's stunning in this pink, but I'm hoping for a darker blue and don't know if the flowers would look weird?

But then, I saw these...
...and fell in love.  I wouldn't use this color, but I think the style is stunning and so flattering!  It will give a little coverage for my bridesmaids with boobs and still has a gorgeous shape! 

For the color I want a royal blue that really pops!  We all know I love color, so I really want a color that wows, but isn't dated.  I want to look back at my wedding and not cringe!

I'm thinking a color like this, but a little more vibrant. There are so many options and if I'm being honest, my bridesmaids are literally stunning, so I know I can't go wrong!

Which dresses do you like best? Do you have any tips on picking dresses that flatter everyone?  I'm just going to come out and let you know now that I am absolutely having matching bridesmaid dresses.  I might be a bridezilla, but I'm not budging on that. ;)


  1. Coming from a girl with boobs, strapless can be annoying. Constantly pulling it up and making sure your ta tas are not hanging out can be hard. But if the dress fits right this shouldn't happen. I would have them try on both styles and get a feel for what they prefer, if your willing to go with either dress:)

  2. I love the 1-strap dress!! But one thing I didn't think of (since all of my girls live in different states) was to actually have them try on the dress. We ended up going with a completely different dress than I had originally picked out after trying them on! Big eye opener :-)

  3. I like all the dresses you picked!

  4. Hello :) Back to blogging and wanted to tell you that when I was in my friends wedding - She chose the color and the dress but left it up to the bridesmaids of what style we would want (Strapless, Halter, etc). It looked great and we all felt comfortable. I had the halter because of my big boobs. Strapless falls off of me. Just an idea to think about :)

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  5. I like that you're doing matching bridesmaid dresses. So many brides take Pinterest way too seriously and just do stuff because it's popular.. I'm glad you're doing what YOU want :) I LOVE those last dresses, I think 1-shouldered is soo SO pretty on everyone!

  6. I love all of the dresses you chose! For my wedding I was more set on the color of the bridesmaid dresses than the style, so I chose a designer with fabric options that I liked first, and then then chose the style after. I've been in a couple weddings with strapless dresses, and I've been blessed/cursed with a larger chest; I think a *well fitted* dress is no problem, and I always have cups put in so I don't need a strapless bra--I think they make things way worse!!

  7. I have a strapless bridemaids dress for a wedding I'm in later this year and I'm hoping if it's well-fitted it will be fine!! I think the royal blue will look amazing!! :)

  8. Haha about matching bridesmaids dresses! I want that too, but after going through it for an upcoming wedding this summer I am scared. The bride let us all have different styles because we're all very different shapes & sizes so it was nice. I'm hoping everyone will like one I pick in the future so I don't have to have mis-matched ones. Good luck!!! How many bridesmaids are you having?

  9. As long as the strapless dress fits right it should not be a problem for anyone. I think I have worn strapless in most of the weddings I have been in so far & after alterations the dresses have worked out fine. I also love that you are doing matching dresses... That was something I didn't compromise either. We did gorgeous navy chiffon dresses which for our pop of color I gave all the bridesmaids orange monogrammed pashminas. The pop of color was awesome in pics! I def love the dress in the last picture but probably because they really remind me of mine from my wedding!

  10. Love the one shoulder with the little peekaboo cutout! Also love the strapless! Whatever you choose will be great!

  11. I ended up picking a color and 2 different styles of dresses because the reality is that not everyone is going to look good in the same dress and you don't want someone feeling uncomfortable for a longgggg day!

  12. LOVE the last two styles! They're all so pretty!!

  13. I don't know, maybe I'm weird but I like strapless because I can hold them up and one of my best friends hates strapless because she has nothing to hold it up. Also, I love the style of the light blue dresses! So pretty. As far as dresses flattering everyone, it depends on what you want. My friend let us go in and pick dresses but we all had to agree on one, and it actually worked out - I just let all my girls choose the dress they wanted but they just had to be the same color. All my girls have completely different body types so this worked out really well for them.

  14. I love the light blue one shoulder dresses. They are too darn cute ;)

  15. As someone who is a bit big chested, strapless isn't always the best.
    I like the light blue ones, just check to see what they look like in your color.

  16. I LOVE the first one! I have HUGE boobs and I was in a wedding with a very similar style dress as the first one. I just had to buy it a few sizes bigger to fit my boobs then have the waist taken in and it worked perfect and was really slenderizing!

    I say its your day and you pick what you like, everyone can figure a way to pull it off :)

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