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3 Things That Will NOT Help Your Baby Fever

Dom and I are still 480 days away from getting married, but my baby fever is on overdrive.  I have pretty much had baby fever my entire life so this is no surprise...but I think this big sparkler on my finger makes it worse!  Unfortunately, this week I discovered 3 things that have not helped my baby fever whatsoever.


Today I'm teaching a nutrition workshop to a group of pre-schoolers!  I'm actually kind of nervous, since I've never dealt with 10 little munchkins at once, but I have a feeling once I see those little squishy faces I'll want to steal one (I promise I won't)

 The home of everything wonderful and wildly depressing.
Why are there so many adorable onsies, baby girl dresses, and little boy hats?  Just a 2 minute scroll through Pinterest makes me want to reproduce STAT.
Then I remember the amount of medical school debt we will have and suddenly a plant is just fine.


This delicious Scentsy Scent, Newborn Nursery.  
Kim sent me this deliciously fresh scent to try and it smells just like a little newborn baby.
(The good parts of a newborn baby, that is.)
We had it on in the window the other night with all our windows open and it was so clean and fresh.  Dom even commented that it smelled like a fresh load of laundry.  
If you aren't into really intense floral or fruity scents, this one is perfect.  
You can grab this scent and other Scentsy products on Kim's Scentsy Consultant site
Now I just want to have a baby so I can burn this in the nursery. ;)
* Although I was sent the Scentsy and scent to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I have got to try this Scentsy scent. I love clean fresh scents like this!

  2. I had a BAD case of baby fever all the way until I got married! Now I am just so enjoying what little time I get with my doctor husband, and I'm happy to wait a few years!

  3. I'm right there with you girl on the baby fever. There are times when it's all I think about and then times when I enjoy our life just my husband and I. I know it will all happen when the time is right, but it definitely still crosses my mind all the time :) (I'm also going to have to try out that scentsy scent!

  4. Why are Pinterest babies always so freaking adorable? I hope your preschool lesson went well, I bet it was so fun and all the cute babies love it and you!

  5. Glad you liked it! Its my favorite scent!! Will send you something again soon!

  6. This cracks me up! Ever since I started dating my Aaron I've told him, "if you ever break up with me can I at least have your spermies?!" because I have this overwhelming desire to reproduce with him and have his children :-) He thinks it's a joke, but between us I'm totally serious haha.


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