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32 Things That Make Me Happy!

Better late than never, right?  I totally missed the link-up, but I couldn't think of a better study break than thinking of things that make me happy!  

So here goes:

1. Dom! 

2. Good mail days. Actually, any mail days that don't involve bills

3. Bright sundresses

4. Puggle puppies.  Okay, all puppies. 

5. Criminal minds.

6. Falling asleep when it's pouring out.  

7. Waking up to sunshine and birds chirping. :)

8. A freshly made bed

9. Getting into said bed after a long day 

10.  Finding long lost bobby pins

11. Fresh cut flowers.  See also: fake flowers since I'm so allergic

12.  Leaving work when it's still light out

13. Sangria.  On a patio.  With live music.

14. Big statement necklaces...and Rachel Zoe

15. My ring! 

16.  Checking IG 18 times an hour

17. Palm Beach.  Miami.  Sarasota.  South Florida in general.

18. Pre-church selfies

19. New jeans that actually fit. :)

20.  Using every cup in the house <--- Dom added that one

21. Marley Lilly Flash Sales. 

22.  A fresh pedicure.  Notice, I didn't say getting the pedicure.  That's pure torture!

23.  Seeing myself on The Breakers Palm Beach's Instagram. 

24. Slamming on the breaks <---Regretting asking Dom for help now!

25.  Not washing my hair. (Oops)

26. Sitting and reading a magazine from beginning to end. 

27. Preppiness

28. Marinas, boats, yachts...etc.

29. Monograms!

30. Deciding what to register for!  Except that Dom refuses to let me register for a working toaster because he insists our toaster is fine and it's his best friend. 

31. Planning our wedding!

32.  Thinking of our wedding day and how nice it will be to no longer be planning it. ;) 


  1. Love your list, girlfriend! I got happier just reading along with you-- and I LOLed at Dom's additions!! ;) Your positive outlook and colorful life make me happy!!! Now get here and let me hug you!

  2. I hope you pinned that preppy image because its PERFECTiON. Also I love doms add ons. maybe he should post about what makes HIM happy on your blog ;-)

  3. My daughter recently met Rachel Zoe at a book signing in NY!

  4. Love your list! Also, I don't know how this happened, but like 10-15 of your posts all just showed up in my feel this morning, and they're all brand new to me. No idea where they all came from, but I've got a bunch of tabs open right now ;)

  5. Love your list! It's fun to think of such happy things! There are always so many... especially the little things! :)


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