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You know if I'm posting a selfie that I mean business.  Well I was seriously way too excited about the fact that the sun was actually shining and the weather hit 50 degrees!  My Florida resident self is ashamed that now 50+ degrees feels like Spring...but here in PA we'll take what we can get!

Someone left this on my windshield last night at work!  I got out around 10:30 feeling depressed that due to some poor planning I was going to have to work a 10 hour shift today instead of 6 (while my parents are in town for only a few days) and found this!  I don't know who it's from but it had me smiling the whole way home. :)

Do y'all follow Sarah from Classy Girls Wear Pearls and Kiel James Patrick (@kjp) on Instagram?  If you aren't you are seriously missing out.  Their feeds are pure preppy perfection and I almost made Dom drive off the road when I saw this picture.  They epitomise living colorfully and are both Dom and my style inspiration.  I literally can't decide which to do that dress or buy Dom that blazer?  Tough choices here. ;)

Yay!  There's nothing quite like sitting in bed scrolling through Pinterest with your fiancé looking for recipes and seeing your name!  That happened last night when I discovered I won a contest from Petal Boutique.  I recently discovered this shop and bought my 25th birthday dress from them!  Their dresses and other clothes are so cute, and now I love them even more! :)

Saving the absolute best for last...
Jack Rogers contacted me earlier this week for help spreading the word about a giveaway they're hosting with Marley Lilly.  Together they are giving away a pair of monogrammed Jacks (to die for) and a Marley Lilly monogrammed hat and tote!  I'm a huge fan of both brands and know this is a giveaway you don't want to miss!
Click here to enter!

Happy Friday!  


  1. That preppiness makes my heart smile!! Look at all those colors!!

  2. You look gorgeous in your first picture! Have a great weekend!


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